Julia Nunes

Julia Nunes, a young lady who has become an internet sensation through the use of technology and YouTube has become a great musical fixture not only in that world, but in the indie music one, and after having passed through a few cool portals in the media (including NPR, Conan, SXSW and Bonaroo) now gets to do an interview with The Glass! How incredible that is for her (I would hope, perhaps someday! Actually, it is for me)!

As a person, Nunes is somebody that reminds me of a big sister, or that tomboyish friend we had in school that looked out for us and stood up to the bullies, and in essence, sometimes we still need a big sister or a tomboyish friend to look out for us in our lives. Even if she really isn’t that person, she completely assumes that role very fittingly for her own profile in the otherwise harsh music climate.
As an artist, her videos are some of the most fabulously handmade music clips this side of Pomplamoose. There are about a hundred of these videos, and she has done, along with her originals, some quite humbly-rendered cover songs (Sadly, I could not use all of them for the interview, but please check out her YouTube page to see them all). As far as her music-only output goes, it is all really good, quirky acoustic music on 4 CDs, and her latest titled Settle Down has 18 tunes, including 6 she recut from earlier records.
Julia stopped her routine for a bit to chat with me via Skype. Continue reading



Pomplamoose, the duo from California that became an online sensation, thanks to their creatively effective videos on their YouTube channel (and for me the Hyundai Christmas ads that got me through an otherwise miserable holiday season comprised of annoying Christmas ads), have agreed to do a Glass interview, and somehow I really wish I were doing video interviews so that I could match what Pomplamoose does. I’ll have to invite them to do the podcast!

Jack Conte of the duo spoke to me via Skype about Pomplamoose’s efforts (Sadly, the duo’s other half, Nataly Dawn, wasn’t available to do the Skype chat, and she was greatly missed. Maybe next time we’ll get both, but for now, I’m happy that Jack represented them). Continue reading