Conundrum: On Their Kickstarter Campaign

Conundrum are (L to R): Marianne Breneman (clarinet), Danielle Lundley (flute), Mary Elizabeth Southworth (soprano), and Philip Amalong (piano)

Ohio-based chamber ensemble Conundrum are gearing up to make a promising CD of original pieces written for them by various living composers, and they need the help of the listeners through the mighty Kickstarter! Click here or on the bottom link to check it out and to make a donation!

The group’s soprano Mary Elizabeth Southworth explains how the ensemble took shape.
“The main idea, when we started out, was that we just made music with friends, and then we figured that the rep would follow. Our concerts consisted mostly of duos, trios, solos, and then slowly, after the first year, we would find these ensemble pieces or we would have something transcribed for us, and the second year things were going so well, composers were submitting new works for us, and that year we were also invited to do the Fresno New Music Festival, which was really exciting, because from that we got 2 of our mainstay works. Hailstones, by Kenneth Froelich, and The Ocean by Eric D. Sharp. Continue reading