Rebecca Brandt


NY-based composer Rebecca Brandt, who has a very fascinating homepage on her website as you probably know from the links I’ve provided (I just hope you can tear yourself away long enough to read this interview), had a few minutes to talk about her recently-released album Numbers and Shapes as well as stuff related to it.

CM: How did you get started as a musician/composer?

Rebecca: I started doing the piano when I was 4, and immediately after that, I started composing. That was kind of the reason I wanted to play the piano was to start writing music, so the really basic songs started around 4 and they had titles like “Dunkaroo”! [laughs]
When I was in college at NYU, I started to take composing a lot more seriously, so, it was kind of from then until now, and right after I left, I kind of wanted to do a really big project for myself, so I was kind of taking a lot of the methods and the theories that I learned in college and applying them to more practical composing for today. That’s kind of where a lot of the inspiration was, taking different parts of music theory, and writing around that. Continue reading