Battery ~ Randy Woolf and Kathleen Supove Kickstarting a Kickboxing Piece

Randall Woolf and Kathleen Supove–Photo courtesy of Randall Woolfrandywoolfkathysupove

Composer Randy Woolf and his wife pianist Kathleen Supove have made many interesting collaborative efforts together, but this one will probably be very hard to beat. They have been working on Battery, a concerto for piano and orchestra–a different kind of piano concerto that involves choreographed boxing. Sounds crazy in print, but if you take a look at what Kathleen does in the video link below, you’ll see she’s up for the boxing aspect of the task as well as the piano one.

The premiere of Battery will take place Feb 23, 2014, and the folks that are working with Randy and Kathy are choreographer Heidi Latsky and ensemble Le Train Bleu, with conductor Ransom Wilson. The funds of the campaign will be going to them.
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Randy and Kathy had a minute to talk to us about it. Continue reading


Jennifer Choi ~ On the Premiere of Daniel Felsenfeld’s Bad Coffee Serenade and Related Things


Violinist Jennifer Choi, whom you know from having been a member of ETHEL, is out and about working on various things that will be coming up the pike in days to come–Among these things is the premiere of a work by Daniel Felsenfeld titled Bad Coffee Serenade with Ensemble 212 this Saturday, March 23rd, 8 PM at Good Sheperd-Faith Presbyterian Church. Click here or on the bottom link for tickets/info.
Jennifer spoke to me via Skype. Continue reading

Kathleen Supové

Photo courtesy of Miriam Hendel

Kathleen Supové, a fabulous pianist (aka The Exploding Piano) and colorful fixture of the New York new music scene had a few mintues to chat with The Glass about several things she’s done of interest, and along with a really cool music-installation project, I was so amazed that she is also part of a prog-rock band called Dr. Nerve, thanks to a Facebook photo that just popped up (When I assumed she was “sitting in” with the band, Kathy reassured me she’s IN this band).

By the way, if you are in the NY area, Kathy is performing along with many other artists such as Phyllis Chen, Miguel Frasconi, Stephen Gosling, Patrick Grant, and Shoko Nagai among others at The Stone for the Cage100 Festival on Thursday, September 5th at 8 PM and 10 PM.

Kathy spoke to me via her husband composer Randy Woolf‘s skype account. Continue reading

Victoria Bond ~ On The New York Preview of Mrs. President and Other Victoria-Related Things

Composer-conductor Victoria Bond had some time to talk to me via Skype about, among other great things in her music history as both a composer and performer, the New York preview of her opera Mrs. President. The official premiere of this piece about the once-controversial historical figure Victoria Woodhull is going to be in Anchorage, Alaska this coming October, but if you are in the New York area next week on Monday, July 9th, at 7:30 PM at Symphony Space, you’ll be able to see this opera first-hand at a special preview performance.

CM: So, the main character of Mrs. President is a real, not a fictional, person?

VB: She is! If you Google Victoria Woodhull, you’ll find she was a very controversial person! She was not one of these lilly-white sufferages, she had very fascinating baggage attached to her name. She ran on the equal rights party ticket in 1872 against Ulysses S. Grant in his second term, and her running mate was Frederick Douglass. A little bit ahead of their time I would say! Continue reading

Anna Clyne

Composer Anna Clyne, who has a huge repertoire specializing in both orchestral and electro-acoustic music, is somebody whose name comes up quite frequently these days. Her music is commissioned/performed by artists such as Kathleen Supové, ETHEL, Esa-Pekka Salonen, and Jennifer Koh, for whom Anna has composed a Double Violin Concerto to be presented as part of a program titled “Two x Four” along with several other dual violin concerti in Chicago this fall. She also has a recently-released CD titled Blue Moth on the Tzadik label that you can purchase here. Continue reading