Jennifer Koh and Ensemble LPR ~ A Review

Jennifer Koh performing solo at Ensemble LPR’s concert at (le) poisson rouge; Photo courtesy of Lina Shteynjenniferkohlpr

Ensemble LPR w/Jennifer Koh, violin
Ensemble LPR
Tito Muñoz, conductor
Jennifer Koh, violin
(le) poisson rouge, NYC
Friday, June 14th, 2013

An interesting 3-part show of sorts–Jennifer Koh the guest soloist alone, again with orchestra, and then the orchestra alone.

It started with Jennifer Koh in a black dress playing John Zorn’s “Passagen for solo violin” from 2011. Sounding just as abrasive and taxing as the composer’s “Goetia” (which Jennifer also recorded), Koh rendered the 11-minute work with crumbling intensity, and gave such an explosive reminder of that earlier piece. John Zorn is one of my favorites, and definitely one of the greatest people to successfully bridge the world of classical music with the world of new music.

Koh was then joined by the first appearance of the night by the Ensemble LPR, and they proceeded with Charles Wuorinen’s “Spin 5 for violin and 18 Musicians”. The piece’s overall tonality reminded me a little of the Schoenberg violin concerto.

Having heard this ensemble for the first time ever, it was great to hear a small orchestra inside an intimate venue–Now, if they crammed the NY Phil up on that stage, one can only imagine, but when ELPR performed Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, I think we got some kind of idea of that. It was a really good performance, and despite the intimacy and dryness of the sound, compared to having actually heard an orchestra play it at Carnegie, it still didn’t sound so naked. Great job from Maestro Muñoz and the ensemble (and Jennifer).




Preview of Ensemble LPR and Jennifer Koh at (le) Poisson Rouge

Photo courtesy of Christina WalkerJennifer Koh, credit Pick-Staiger Concert Hall, Christina Walker photographer 2

On Friday, June 14th at 7:30 PM, (le) Poisson Rouge will have a show featuring Ensemble LPR (EDITOR’S NOTE: I’m guessing they’re like the house band), and their guest soloist will be violinist Jennifer Koh. Their program will be featuring the music of Beethoven, John Zorn and Charles Wourinen.

This is Jennifer’s debut at the NY venue, and she had a few seconds to talk about it with The Glass.

“I’ve been waiting for the right time to make my (le) Poisson Rouge debut, and performing with the Ensemble LPR with Tito Munoz on the occasion of LPR’s 5th anniversary felt right. LPR exemplifies New York’s creative and artistic spirit and I wanted the programming to reflect that. I am thrilled to work with the ensemble for the first time and am also excited to include works that speak to my own relationship with NYC by playing two pieces written for me — Charles Wuorinen’s ‘Spin 5’ with the ensemble and a solo piece by John Zorn called ‘Passagen’. Although the composers come from seemingly different places – Uptown and Downtown – and one would think that these works would be in opposition with one another, they are not. Just like the city itself, they seem to complement and highlight each other.”

Ensemble LPR (Photo courtesy of Zak Powers)elpr

Ensemble LPR
Tito Muñoz, conductor/music director
With guest soloist, Jennifer Koh, violin

John Zorn: “Passagen” ~ for Solo Violin (2011)
Charles Wuorinen: “Spin 5” ~ for Violin and 18 Players (2006)
Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 7 (1812)

Click here to buy tickets for Ensemble LPR with Jennifer Koh

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Fred Frith

Photo courtesy of Heike Liss

Fred Frith is a such a great person! I feel like leaving it at that!

Frith, the composer/guitarist/improviser and founding member of Henry Cow has agreed to do an interview with me. God does exist!

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