The Box Is Empty Comes Up Full

The Box Is Empty
The Century Ballroom
Seattle, WA
Friday, June 29th, 2012

Written by Heather Bentley

Last Friday, the 29th of June, I had the pleasure of attending The Box is Empty at Seattle’s Century Ballroom. The Box is Empty is not only the name of the musical ensemble but also a philosophical concept.

From their website: Our name is based on a simple concept. Start with a project (i.e. a box), fill it with all of your spirit, energy, and creativity until the project comes to fruition. Then empty the box and start again. The Box Is Empty is a view of the process. All possibilities are open, creativity is unending. Surprise the box’s recipient with the gift of new experience. The Box Is Empty.

It’s clear from the spirited performances given that the organizers and performers are enjoying filling their empty box and sharing its contents. Consistent with current efforts to update the classical music experience, the event had the vibe of a happening, and indeed, swankiness was on display and liquor flowed, if not freely, at least within reach. Continue reading