Fred Frith

Photo courtesy of Heike Liss

Fred Frith is a such a great person! I feel like leaving it at that!

Frith, the composer/guitarist/improviser and founding member of Henry Cow has agreed to do an interview with me. God does exist!

Since the age of five (longer than I have been alive), Fred Frith has been playing and making music, and in the years since then he has gone on to record numerous albums (consisting of classics such as Guitar Solos and Gravity) and has worked and collaborated with artists like John Zorn, Brian Eno, Iva Bittova, Eugene Chadbourne, The Residents, and Evelyn Glennie (as seen in the film Touch The Sound). He has also founded other bands such as Massacre, Skeleton Crew, Keep The Dog, Fred Frith Guitar Quartet and Maybe Monday, and his compositional work consists of pieces for chamber and bigger ensembles. Continue reading