Vital Vox Festival ~ 2012/13 (A Review)

Performing excerpts from Erosion: A Fable on the festival’s 1st night, The Loom Trio are (L to R): Sasha Bogdanowitsch. Kate Hamilton and Raphael Sacks
(Photos courtesy of Neva Cockrell)

loom trio

The 4th Annual Vital Vox Vocal Festival (2012/13)
featuring Pamela Z, Sasha Bogdanowitsch and The Loom Ensemble and Trio, Unearthish (Sarah Bernstein and Satoshi Takeishi), Philip Hamilton, and Lisa Karrer with David Simons
Roulette, Brooklyn, NY
Monday, March 25th, and Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

After its postponement from the planned October dates last year due to Hurricane Sandy, The 4th annual Vital Vox Festival at Roulette finally commenced a year and a half after its last appearance in November 2011, and this year’s show was focused on the use of vocals with electronics. Displaying, as always, a variety of styles, abilities, and combinations of instruments, I can say with great certainty that all of these acts proved that they have immense creativity with a technology that continues to astound, titillate and baffle me.

First Night–Monday, 3/25
The show began ever so radiantly with Philip Hamilton, and the beginning of his set was without effects, displaying only the depth of his dynamic vocal in a stark but rich atmosphere. He then progressed to using delay effects and looping for the rest of his sequence titled Vocalscapes: Solitude. His use of electronics, which later on during the Q&A he revealed was being used for the first time ever, was astonishingly rhythmic in its musicality, and his sharp and muscular voice provided a crisp, bright, worldly and invigorating breath of fresh air that set the pace for the rest of the evening’s program. Continue reading