CD Review: Melody Fader, Music of Frédéric Chopin

On this, her second CD, pianist Melody Fader presents an all-Chopin recital that covers a decent cross section of Chopin’s well-known repertoire, and plays it with such a refreshing tone. The recording, having been done at Fraser Performance Studio (home of WGBH), reveals itself as a crisp, rich document of this young soloist’s journey of an ultimate “pianist’s composer”.

After a superb reading of the F-sharp Bacarolle, op. 60, Fader performs 4 straight pieces in C-sharp (technically, 2 of them are D-flat–In any event, it’s a chord that exudes such warmth for me, and I just can’t explain why) that almost sound as if Chopin intended this to be another sonata. Among these works is the Nocturne #2, and being a piece that I have never been able to keep a memory of from anyone, it seems to finally have a memory thanks to Fader–I think she succeeds in making it a signature piece (take a look here). Continue reading


Simone Dinnerstein

Simone Dinnerstein (THAT one, yes) is doing a Glass interview! Wow!

Simone, the lady that made a self-financed CD of the Bach Goldberg Variations and managed to eventually garner critical acclaim from the NY Times, LA Times, The New Yorker, and have a brilliant career as a concert pianist is giving some time to this still budding publication. Still need a pinch.

The new CD, Something Almost Being Said, is her newly-recorded collection of music by Bach (by now her trademark) and Schubert. Simone talks a bit about the record, Tift Merritt, correctional facilities, and that damn iPhone. Continue reading