Christos Hatzis

Greek-Canadian composer Christos Hatzis is one of those people I like to refer to as “acquaintances of happenstance”, because I’d never heard his name uttered before until I saw it attached to a list of many composers that were tapped to write pieces commissioned for Hilary Hahn for her “In 27 Pieces” project. Having perused his work in both video and audio clips (and reading descriptions of the works we don’t have access to as of yet), I’m very glad it was Hilary who raised his profile. Even if Christos was discovered entirely through nuance and association, it dawns on me that I learned about lots of composers that way, so this is really no exception.
Hatzis has already an amazing body of works listed, and besides Hilary’s, has quite a few more on the way.

In the meantime, check out
Constantinople, Awakening and Dancing In The Light on Amazon or wherever you catch them. Continue reading