Christopher Houlihan: Interview/Preview of Vierne 2012

Organist Christopher Houlihan is about to begin a small tour performing the 6 symphonies for solo organ by Louis Vierne. Labelled Vierne 2012, the tour is covering only major cities like New York, Denver, Chicago, LA, Montreal and Dallas. The NY show (the kick-off date) is a two-part program that will be performed at 3 PM and 7:30 PM on Saturday, June 2, and you can purchase tickets for it here or on the link below
Christopher had time to stop and talk to another guy named Christopher.

CM: Can you talk about Louis Vierne and why you have such a strong connection to his music?

CH: Vierne was a French organist and composer, born nearly blind, and lived an incredibly tragic life. Both personally and professionally his life was one horrible event after another: three failed relationships, the deaths of his family members and mentors, breaking his leg, his worsening eye sight… the list goes on and on. But he transcended these events to write some tremendous music (not just for the organ, even). His music is incredibly personal, and I think that’s what has always attracted me to it. One can sense Vierne’s suffering (he often “wears his heart on his sleeve,” which I suppose I do in my own life as well, I admit), but he also has a great deal of humor, romance, and triumphant joy in his music. All put together, I can’t think of anything more I’d want from a musical experience. Continue reading