Pardon My Transition, Renovation In Progress


It has been seemingly too long since I’ve posted, but I am going through some changes in my personal life (Moving does that to you, I guess), and as art imitates life, it has forced me to consider a few interesting changes for The Glass.
As of now, we have a new logo (Well, it’s really the old logo from the last pre-set WordPress theme I used with a new twist), a new domain name (It is now, but those of you that linked The Glass with the old URL, it will still take you here), and starting very soon, for the first time ever, I will be branching out into the world of podcasting with The Glass Shō. But rather than build a whole new webpage for posting the podcasts, they’ll be posted right here on this page–I even made a new logo for the podcast:

the glassshoA1

So, please stay tuned, I hope you’ll enjoy the ride into the new frontier with me.


The Second Draft

Happy 1st Anniversary to The Glass!

I cannot believe I’ve been doing this for a year now already! This has been such a great journey for me, and after speaking with so many great artists in the new music world and even a few great local rock bands in my first year, I have learned a great deal more about music, musicians, art, artistic ideas, composing, and how it all relates to me in the last year or so. There’s still more to come.

It feels like things have been looking up for me. Whether this carries over to my personal life remains to be seen, but I’m so happy that I have garnered almost 15,000 views now since this day a year ago. I can say this with great honesty: I do hope to expand The Glass to possibly something in the guise of a podcast, and eventually perhaps something bigger than that. You’ll have to stand by for news on any of this. I’ll know when you do.

In the meantime, I have some more profiles coming up. Stay tuned!

And BTW, Happy Birthday to Mozart (The blog changes dates at 7PM, so technically it’s still 1/27)!

The First Draft

I hope to make this an interesting concept.

This is my first ever blog, so, I’m aware this is going to be a rough go at it.

I am not worried about music and where it stands as a medium. There’s always a way for people to hear the best rock, the best classical, the best folk, the best hip-hop, etc.-It’s all over the interwebs, it’s presentable, and even free if you can’t buy it. Business-wise, I don’t even know where to begin, but then again, I’m not a fan of business. I hate it that a 2-hour commercial for Coca-Cola and Ford Motors is what people watch as a music program on TV if it isn’t a channel that shows drunken and abusive youngster reality shows that used to be a music channel. I hate it that most TV commercials seem to feature jingles that have a baby-voiced girl singing and playing the piano. One or two of them would be okay, but why a whole mess of them?

I hate it that even now if you wanted to try to get a label to sign you, that opportunity seems to be gone forever with the advent of iTunes and downloading. By the same token, if you are already established and have a solid following as an unsigned act, that’s the only time you might hear from a big-time label, when you don’t even need them.

But I do love the internet, because, now we have all these things to watch, all these things like blogs to read and take note of. We have linking, we have tweeting and updating. There’s always a way to know something, and information is such a great thing.

I know that I probably will never get a record deal of any kind. I do write songs and sing them, I really don’t know how or where I fit in with the music/entertainment spectrum. It’s such a complex world. I would like to know if blogging is something I’m also good at. Judging from this, I’m not sure yet! This is a test run.