THE GLASS SHŌ ~ Metropolis Ensemble’s Kristin Lee Discusses Double Helix

Violinist Kristin Lee is appearing at LPR this Sunday, 7 PM, April 27th at Le Poisson Rouge in New York.

This concert, titled “Double Helix”, is the second of the Resident Artists Series by the Metropolis Ensemble.
The program features music commissioned from composers such as Andy Akiho, Jakub Ciupinski, Shobana Ragavan, Patrick Castillo, and Vivian Fung.
Some of the composers are also scheduled to perform as well as Bridget Kibbey (harp), Jason Vieaux (guitar),  John Hadfield, and Ian Rosenbaum (both play percussion).

Kristin was on The Glass Shō to discuss the concert. Click on the link below to listen (She appears in the first half).

The Glass Shō: Episode 7 (Jenny Q. Chai/Kristin Lee)

the glassshoA1

Double Helix Project, with Kristin Lee, violinist from Zac Nicholson on Vimeo.

Click here for info/tickets for Kristin’s Double Helix concert at LPR

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Time Travelers ~ Kickstarting Andy Akiho’s First Percussion Quartet


Time Travelers, a new percussion ensemble that features Ian David Rosenbaum, Gwen Burgett, Ayano Kataoka and Svet Stoyanov, came together in 2012 to perform and record Paul Lansky’s Threads for Bridge Records. The success of this project led to their first commissioning initiative: a new percussion quartet from rising composition star Andy Akiho. This piece is Akiho’s first for percussion quartet, and Time Travelers will premiere it at venues across the United States in April 2013. They are funding the commission for this project through the great Kickstarter.

The campaign needs $7,000 in 8 days time–They have made over $2,400, but they need your help, so, please check them out! There is a video of the pitch for the campaign on the link below, but right here is a video of Akiho and Rosenbaum performing another one of Andy’s original pieces:

Andy Akiho: Karakurenai (Andy Akiho and Ian Rosenbaum, percussion)

Click here to donate to the Time Travelers/Andy Akiho Percussion Quartet project

Mariel Roberts

Cellist Mariel Roberts, who you probably know from an awesome performance of the Andy Akiho composition “21” (setting an incredible precedent for cellists by multi-tasking her performance with percussion AND looping; it also got fellow cellist Ashley Bathgate upping her game as well when she played it), had a few minutes to talk about her new CD Nonextraneous Sounds and her CD release party on September 26th at Our Lady of Lebanon Cathedral in Brooklyn at 8 PM. The CD is wonderful, please check it out! And you can purchase it at the show, you can purchase it up here, or on the link on the bottom. Continue reading

timothy munro – representing eighth blackbird

Timothy Munro

If you’ve never read the Wallace Stevens poem Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird, when you come upon the 8th stanza, you will most likely make the connection to the meaning of eighth blackbird. Personally, I took it to mean that the group is thinking ahead of me but not against me as a listener.

Having been established in 1996, the Chicago-based eighth blackbird is all at once challenging and exciting. Just recently they have been performing a work that is the brainchild of both Steve Mackey and Rinde Eckert titled Slide, where the players actively tell a story, in part as actors, singers, and dancers in addition to their musical performance. The recording Lonely Motel: Music from ‘Slide’ is nominated for several Grammys.

Tim Munro, the group’s flutist, spoke to me via Skype on behalf of the ensemble, and we discussed this work along with other things of interest like his favorite TV shows. Continue reading

Andy Akiho

Andy Akiho may have started out as a performer only, but his heart has driven him to become not only a wonderful composer in his own right, but a composer/performer that creates some of the most wonderful and compelling sounding pieces combining steel pans with a variety of instruments from other great new classical musicians. Having studied composition with such greats as Julia Wolfe, David Lang, Ezra Laderman, and Martin Bresnick among others, Akiho had just recently won eighth blackbird’s inaugural Finale National Composition Contest. Andy talked to me about that and some of my favorite works of his. Continue reading

Vicky Chow

Vicky Chow, a pianist who is well known as a member of the Bang On a Can All-Stars, is another great example of the hard-working, highly active new music community laden with creative artists and composers. Along with the All-Stars, Vicky has also been performing solo concerts regularly featuring the works of various modern and living composers, is one of the founding members of a Bang On a Can offshoot–the trio Typical Music, and is also the curator of a series of new music concerts held at the Gershwin Hotel called Contagious Sounds (which, by the way, she also participates in). In the coming year, Vicky will be releasing 2 new CDs: the new Bang On a Can All-Stars double CD to be released in February, and her second solo CD. She had a small break in her activities to chat with me about her work and her career. Continue reading