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I have to say that it feels like it took me forever to get with the program on the internet (I even feel like an outsider for calling it the internet, there’s probably some edgier names for it now that I’m unaware of), but I think it’s safe to say that by this time, I totally know what a meme is when I see one.

With all of the insane news that is going on, and pretty much for every controversy and aggressively extreme point of view, there is a radically-stated phrase (or picture of a sign with such a phrase) that is placed online as a visceral counterpoint to those points of view. I know this because I’ve been exceedingly sharing them from friends to other friends on facebook as of late, and what better place to put these thoughts than on the social networks where people live a…

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The Glass Sho ~ Miranda Cuckson Returns

Photo courtesy of Clarissa Villondo

Violinist Miranda Cuckson is back in the interview chair, this time for the Glass Sho podcast!
Miranda talks about her latest release Melting The Darkness and describes the process of studying and performing microtonal music.

Hear the interview here:
The Glass Sho: Episode 32 (Miranda Cuckson)

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The Glass Sho ~ A Podcast Chat with Allan Kozinn on The Beatles


New York Times critic/journalist and author Allan Kozinn had another wonderful Beatles-driven chat with me, this time for the podcast The Glass Sho! We talked about the recently-released mono LP remasters, the fascinating-but-farcical “Paul Is Dead” phenomenon, and other Beatle-related things.

Listen to the podcast here (It starts with my attempt at parody):
The Glass Sho: Episode 30 (Allan Kozinn)

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Happy Birthday to Hilary Hahn: 2014

Today is Hilary Hahn’s b’day! Please join us in celebrating it by watching her performance from earlier this year of  the 4th Violin Concerto in D minor op. 31 by Henri Vieuxtemps with conductor Tugan Sokhiev and the Berlin Philharmonic.

BTW, it’s also Thanksgiving Day, so, Happy Thanksgiving to you all from The Glass!

Guest Post: “Taylor Swift, Spotify and the Musical Food Chain Myth” by @DoriaRoberts #irespectmusic

Singer-songwriter Doria Roberts has a few words about streaming and ‘free music’

Music Technology Policy

doria roberts promo photo

[Ed. Note: Chris Castle says:  We are so lucky to have the opportunity to publish this illuminating post by Doria Roberts, an outstanding discussion that shines a light on the issues facing all professional artists. I’m sure we’ll hear Doria’s strong voice many times in the future and will be the better for her.] 

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” –Alice Walker

I cannot tell you how happy I am that the conversation about Taylor Swift and Spotify is happening. Maybe people will start listening to what independent artists like me and my peers have been saying for years now.

A little background for those who don’t know me: I’ve been a indie musician by choice for 22 years. In 1999, I was chosen to perform at Lilith Fair and quit my day job the following Monday…

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Mystery ’Train Song’ Has Beatles Experts Divided

Funny, I always thought it was The Beatles when I heard it.


Bill King takes a look at a mystery track that has surfaced recently …

The buzz in Beatles circles the past week or so has been a rare recording that appears in the film “A Hard Day’s Night” and may or may not have been done by The Beatles.

The music is heard briefly during a scene aboard a train in "A Hard Day's Night." The music is heard briefly during a scene aboard a train in “A Hard Day’s Night.”

Here’s the story. Legendary collector Dave Morrell, who has a new book out, guested on Chris Carter’s “Breakfast With The Beatles” radio show on KLOS-FM in Los Angeles and played a 30-second stereo version of the “Train Music” that blared from a transistor radio Ringo turns on in a famous scene of the movie where The Beatles are in a train compartment. An older passenger objects to the music and turns it off.

Although the music is only heard in the film for a few…

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The Glass Sho ~ Ecouter Ensemble (Preview of their Spectrum concert, 11/21)

The Glass Sho features an interview with the flute/cello (and sometimes piano as well) trio Ecouter (Above, from L to R: Amelie Brodeur, flute and piano; Nikola Ragusa, flute; Natalie Spehar, cello). They discuss their all-new music and visual arts project titled Project “Three”, which will be released as a recording and toured in several locations, launching at Spectrum in NYC on 11/21, and features pieces commissioned from composers such as Rebecca Brandt, Cristina Spinei, Luci Holland, Clio Montrey, and several others.

A few minutes of the forthcoming recording (Luci Holland’s “Ash”) are previewed in this episode.
More details on the premiere and the tour here:
Introducing Project “Three” for 2014-2015

Friday, November 21st, 7 PM
121 Ludlow Street, 2nd Flr
New York, NY 10002

Click here for tickets

Ecouter is featured in the first half of this episode

The Glass Sho: Episode 22 (Ecouter Ensemble/David Donnelly on His Documentary ‘Maestro’)

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The Glass Sho ~ Marie Incontrera On Herself, Eco-Music Big Band, and Fred Ho’s Legacy (Preview of Roulette show on 11/20/14)

Photo courtesy of Rae Maxwell

Courtesy of Roulette/Eco-Music Big Band

Composer Marie Incontrera leads the Eco-Music Big Band in a tribute to her mentor, composer and baritone saxophonist Fred Ho, who passed away earlier this year. The Eco-Music Big Band is a 15-piece, multi-generational big band that is committed to continuing the prodigious compositional and creative legacy of Fred Ho. The ensemble also performs the works of the overlooked composers of 20th century (such as Cal Massey), and provides a platform for the next generation of big band composers. This evening will tribute the life and work of Fred Ho by featuring his works as well as the works of Cal Massey, of his final composition protege Marie Incontrera, and of young, Canadian-native big band composer, Liberte-Anne Lymberiou.

The Eco-Music Big Band:
Saxophones (ATTB): Jay Rodriguez, Livio Almeida, Alejandro Aviles,
Larry Bustamante.
Trumpets: Bryan Davis, Mark McGowan, Nabate Isles, Adam O’Farrill
Trombones: David Whitwell, David Taylor
Violin: Julianne Carney
Cello: Gabriel Dresdale
Piano: Albert Marques
Electric Bass: Amanda Ruzza
Drums: Zack O’Farrill

On the same bill: composer and percussionist Warren Smith continues his yearlong celebration of his 80th birthday with the premiere of his new Symphonic Quartet, with Sonelius Smith (piano & keyboard), James Stewart (woodwinds), Ratzo Harris (bass and cello), and Warren Smith on multiple percussion. The group will present a new hour-long composition, “Songs and Poems of ReReconstruction”. The title refers to similarities of current national and political activities in the US with those of the mid-19th century (postbellum).

Thursday, November 20th at 8:00pm
509 Atlantic Ave (At the Corner off 3rd Ave), Brooklyn, New York 11217
General Admission
Adult [$20.00]
Student/Senior [$15.00]

Click here for tickets

Marie Incontrera sat down and chatted with me for The Glass Sho about the Eco-Music Big Band! Listen here:
The Glass Sho: Episode 29 (Marie Incontrera)

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Scientific Soul Sessions (Eco-Music Big Band page)

The Glass Sho ~ Kristen Graves Discusses Her Music, Her Causes, and Pete Seeger

CT-based singer-songwriter Kristen Graves sat down and chatted with me for one of my best interviews featured on The Glass Sho podcast! She discussed Pete Seeger and her music, and also talked about how she became the 15th State Troubadour of Connecticut!

Listen to the podcast here:
The Glass Sho: Episode 28 (Kristen Graves)

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Kristen Graves

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