The Glass Sho ~ Ecouter Ensemble/David Donnelly on His Documentary ‘Maestro’)


The latest installment of The Glass Sho features an interview with the flute/cello (and sometimes piano as well) trio Ecouter (Natalie Spehar, cello; Nikola Ragusa, flute; Amelie Brodeur, flute and piano). They discuss their all-new music and visual arts project titled Project “Three”, which will be released as a recording and toured in several locations, launching at Spectrum in NYC on 11/21, and features pieces commissioned from composers such as Rebecca Brandt, Cristina Spinei, Luci Holland, Clio Montrey, and several others.

A few minutes of the forthcoming recording (Luci Holland’s “Ash”) are previewed in this episode.
More details on the premiere and the tour here:
Introducing Project “Three” for 2014-2015

Also interviewed is film director David Donnelly, who discusses his documentary Maestro. The film stars conductor Paavo Jarvi and follows his day-to-day activities with the Cincinnati Symphony. Also featured in the film are appearances by Hilary Hahn, Lang Lang and Joshua Bell among others.

The film’s post-production has yet to be completed. David has a Kickstarter campaign set up to fund the costs of both the film’s stereophonic soundtrack as well as squaring royalties for some of the music selections.
Please contribute here:
Kickstarter for Maestro by David Donnelly

The Glass Sho: Episode 22 (Ecouter Ensemble/David Donnelly on His Documentary ‘Maestro’)

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Sybarite5 ~ Kickstarting the Forward Festival

Sybarite5, that great quintet that specializes in transcriptions is back, and they are currently raising money through Kickstarter for an event called the Forward Festival, which the group is calling “The world’s first portable chamber music festival”. You can find out how to help by watching the clip and clicking on the link below for details.

From their Kickstarter page:

This May, Sybarite5 is on a mission to launch the world’s first portable chamber music festival, The Forward Festival.
The Forward Festival is simple by design but limitless in its scope and reach. For our inaugural week of concerts, we will collaborate with the outstanding musicians of the Sarasota community to perform in venues across the city. The music will be fresh and accessible; the performances vital and surprising. Forward Festival will bring the whole community together to celebrate its inherent cultural richness during this week. We then plan to re-create the Forward Festival in cities and towns across the country and the world.


The first Forward Festival will take place in Sarasota, FL, where the group has deep roots. We have five concerts lined up, featuring world class artists in five different Sarasota venues. We will collaborate with Metropolitan Opera mezzo-soprano Blythe Gaissert, Sarasota Orchestra’s principal cellist and harpist Abe Feder and Cheryl Losey; Sarasota’s own renowned Chroma Quartet; acclaimed pianist Djordje Nesic; and versatile percussionist George Nickson. The concerts will take place all over Sarasota, from the Symphony Center to alternative art spaces like the HuB. The concerts will include music from Debussy to Radiohead and a world premiere by Andy Akiho.



This is our most ambitious undertaking to date. We are truly creating something from the ground up; something we hope to see flourish for years to come and which will enable us to engage with communities previously unreached by classical or chamber music. But we can’t do it alone. There are huge expenses associated with creating a music festival, and we have already received some wonderful support, but we have a long way to go. The funds we hope to raise through this campaign will go towards the immediate cost of this year’s festival. We need to rent venues, get insurance, pianos, music, cars, video equipment, as well as pay for travel, production costs, video, printing, ticketing, and other expenses…the list goes on and on! But you can help. Plus, your support will also help the larger mission of the Forward Festival: to help its presence evolve across the country and the world, and become something that is recognized as an innovative contribution to the artistic landscape of our time. Please consider being a part of this journey—and help us bring Forward Festival to your own backyard!



Comprised of violinists Sami Merdinian and Sarah Whitney, violist Angela Pickett, cellist Laura Metcalf and bassist Louis Levitt, Sybarite5 is the first string quintet ever to win the Concert Artists Guild Competition. The quintet has performed in 26 states, as well as Newfoundland Canada, and is traveling to Japan and Argentina in the coming months. Sybarite5 made its Carnegie Hall debut in Zankel Hall in 2012, and its debut EP Disturb the Silence reached the top ten on the Billboard Charts. The group also recently released an all-Radiohead album on the CAG Record label. Sybarite5 has received awards and accolades including the Sylvia Ann Hewlett Adventurous Artist Award, a Chamber Music America Classical Commissioning Grant, and others.

Click here to donate to Sybarite5’s Kickstarter page for the Forward Festival

Forward Festival (

Battery ~ Randy Woolf and Kathleen Supove Kickstarting a Kickboxing Piece

Randall Woolf and Kathleen Supove–Photo courtesy of Randall Woolfrandywoolfkathysupove

Composer Randy Woolf and his wife pianist Kathleen Supove have made many interesting collaborative efforts together, but this one will probably be very hard to beat. They have been working on Battery, a concerto for piano and orchestra–a different kind of piano concerto that involves choreographed boxing. Sounds crazy in print, but if you take a look at what Kathleen does in the video link below, you’ll see she’s up for the boxing aspect of the task as well as the piano one.

The premiere of Battery will take place Feb 23, 2014, and the folks that are working with Randy and Kathy are choreographer Heidi Latsky and ensemble Le Train Bleu, with conductor Ransom Wilson. The funds of the campaign will be going to them.
Click here or on one of the bottom links to contribute.

Randy and Kathy had a minute to talk to us about it. Continue reading

WHY? ~ Kickstarting their Documentary

WHY? the band–Photo courtesy of Natalie Escobedo396603_10151235014998618_1263225577_n

Indie band WHY? are the subject of an upcoming documentary that will be chronicling the making of their current CD Mumps, Etc. as well as everyday business and personal moments from the group and its lead singer, Yoni Wolf. The filmmakers and the band have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for completion of the production of this film, and you can be a great help and kick in some cash by clicking on the link here or on the bottom.

The film’s co-director Scott Fredette spoke to us about how the project came to be.

“I stumbled on to it because Yoni and Josiah moved back to Cincinnati, and a friend of mine (Ben) was also a friend of theirs, and we both just basically decided to take it on. The idea was to film the process of making the new album. We were intrigued by the fact that Yoni moved back into his parents house, which was in a suburb of Cincinnati way far from where he lived in Oakland, CA. It was an interesting approach when he did his 4-tracking–He did the entire album in the dining room.

I’d done some talking with them in the previous year, and I actually started to like their music late in the game (2010), and we were becoming friends during the recording, so I was basically asking them the questions that I’d want to ask, as if a friend would ask them, and then it became a little more about the album process. It was also a different approach because Yoni wrote a majority of the music himself, but he has the other guys that are chiming in and creating a lot of energy from their end. Doug and Josiah are wonderful musicians as well, so there’s lots of input from those guys, but this time was different, so I was intrigued about how that was going to go. That was was the impetus, and we wanted to get into some deeper stuff, like Yoni’s illness and his quirks, and we just wanted to see where it would pan out from the beginning of an album to the end. We wanted to get into his religion, and what makes him and the other guys tick. We didn’t really know where it would go, but this is where we got to, and we still have a long way to go.”

Yoni Wolf himself also weighed in on the project.


“Ben Nicholson was a fan of the group, and he was a friend of my father’s. It was his initial idea to do the documentary, and he got Scott Fredette on board. Scott originally did not know the band, but he was initiated pretty quickly when we started filming, and then Alex [Parks] was brought on as a producer. The film surrounds the making of Mumps, Etc, and has some day-to-day stuff–drama occurs, and there’s issues with my health–lots of ups and downs. It was a rough couple of years and they were there for it. I didn’t end up being the most sympathetic character in the movie, I was more of an anti-hero.”

Click here to contribute to WHY’s Kickstarter campaign

WHY? (

Natalie Gelman ~ Kickstarting the Streetlamp Musician Radio Campaign


Singer-songwriter Natalie Gelman is an amazing singer and musician, and quite adventurous as she embarked on a fascinating musical tour on rollerblades about 10 years ago. She’s played all over the country and has a bunch of great tunes, and with her latest recording, an EP titled Streetlamp Musician, she is looking not to fund the recording (that’s already done) but to employ a team of individuals for campaigning the songs for radio exposure. With some help from the public and Kickstarter, she hopes to make this happen. Click here or on the bottom link if you can spare a few bucks, there may be something in it for you!
Natalie had a few minutes to discuss it! Continue reading

#TwtrSymphony ~ Chip Michael on the Kickstarter for the CD


TwtrSymphony, if you may recall, is an online project created by composer Chip Michael and inspired greatly by many thoughtful musicians connected by the strong musician community on Twitter (Some of these musicians are people you may know from their exposure on The Glass). When I interviewed Chip previously, the project was just being born, and they were just getting the tracks recorded for the first movement of Chip’s work titled Birds of a Feather. They have now decided to progress further into bigger things and make a full CD, and in order to do so, a campaign being funded by the public through the great Kickstarter has been set up. You can be a part of this campaign and donate to the fund on here or on the link at the bottom.

Chip had a few minutes to spare to talk about the campaign.

CM: Can you please tell us about the Kickstarter campaign for the Twtrsymphony CD?

Chip MichaelChip: TwtrSymphony wants to elevate the awareness of new orchestral music. We launched a Kickstarter to help raise funds for a new CD – a CD of new music by composers from all over the world. The point of the CD isn’t specifically to sell the music. Instead, we plan to give this CD to music directors and conductors of orchestras around the world to introduce these new composers and pieces. We hope this will encourage orchestras to consider more new music in their programming. Continue reading

Paola Prestini ~ On Kickstarter and the Launching of The VIA Records Label

Photo courtesy of Jill Steinbergpaolaprestini2

Composer, vocalist and founder of VIA, Paola Prestini, had a few minutes to discuss the launching of the VIA Records label, which will be debuting with 3 very promising new projects: Oceanic Verses by Prestini herself and featuring vocalist Helga Davis; Anna Clyne’s The Violin, featuring Cornelius Dufallo, and a 2-part CD by Paola’s husband, cellist and member of the Kronos Quartet, Jeff Zeigler, to be called North and Glaub, respectively.

The launching is to be funded by Kickstarter, and you can be a big part of that in making a donation of any size by clicking here or on the bottom link.

CM: Can you talk about the launching of this new label?

Paola: Basically, my company has kind of gone through a re-branding. It’s always been about music and collaboration, and now we’re hired our first staff member, and a new managing director, and we’re actually starting to have a collective of artists that we present often. It became really clear to me that there was room and space for one more recording label that was really dedicated to the kind of artists that I like to present, and to new music and multimedia. So, we’ll generally be doing multimedia releases, and I’m excited about it! I think that there’s always room for more opportunities for composers and musicians who are kind of thinking out of the box. Continue reading

Time Travelers ~ Kickstarting Andy Akiho’s First Percussion Quartet


Time Travelers, a new percussion ensemble that features Ian David Rosenbaum, Gwen Burgett, Ayano Kataoka and Svet Stoyanov, came together in 2012 to perform and record Paul Lansky’s Threads for Bridge Records. The success of this project led to their first commissioning initiative: a new percussion quartet from rising composition star Andy Akiho. This piece is Akiho’s first for percussion quartet, and Time Travelers will premiere it at venues across the United States in April 2013. They are funding the commission for this project through the great Kickstarter.

The campaign needs $7,000 in 8 days time–They have made over $2,400, but they need your help, so, please check them out! There is a video of the pitch for the campaign on the link below, but right here is a video of Akiho and Rosenbaum performing another one of Andy’s original pieces:

Andy Akiho: Karakurenai (Andy Akiho and Ian Rosenbaum, percussion)

Click here to donate to the Time Travelers/Andy Akiho Percussion Quartet project

Ruckus NYC ~ A Preview (featuring Kickstarter)

Written by Kevin Clark

Ruckus NYC is a one-day conference and concert about art and the web, run by myself, along with Zachary Herchen (saxophonist and recording artist) and Victoria Nece (animator and designer) happening this September 29th at Cooper Union (conference is from 10 AM to 6 PM, concert is at 8:30 PM).

Designed for working artists, our conference will include presentations from artists across different media who have built creative careers – animators, composers, bloggers, genre fiction writers, painters, filmmakers, and more. We’ll address the challenges that face all of us, new sources of funding, the role of the old arts economy in the new digital world, and how to use the new tools that are available. We’ll have demos of new technology from Tumblr to NYC Performing Arts Spaces and from Fractured Atlas, and others. And because our conference will be full of talented artists, we’ll have an interactive networking game for conference attendees to play. It will help you meet each other, create new ideas, and maybe even new projects.

At night, because this is an arts event, we’re putting on one hell of a show. The evening concert at Ruckus NYC will mix new music, pop music, jazz, and film. Performers include Florent Ghys, Jody Redhage, Deb Oh & The Cavaliers, Kings, Sylvana Joyce & The Moment, New Morse Code, and more.

Sylvana Joyce & The Moment: The Break

To purchase tickets, or suggest an idea for a conference session, visit our Kickstarter page here.

And be sure to watch the infomercial style video–you get to see a swiffer chop garlic.

The evening concert will be streamed online, and you can get the link to that on Kickstarter with your concert ticket. The conference sessions will also be filmed, and posted on YouTube after the conference. If you have questions, or want to find out more, contact us on Tumblr or Twitter.

Kevin Clark is a composer and founder of Ruckus NYC