The Glass Sho ~ Marie Incontrera On Herself, Eco-Music Big Band, and Fred Ho’s Legacy (Preview of Roulette show on 11/20/14)

Photo courtesy of Rae Maxwell

Courtesy of Roulette/Eco-Music Big Band

Composer Marie Incontrera leads the Eco-Music Big Band in a tribute to her mentor, composer and baritone saxophonist Fred Ho, who passed away earlier this year. The Eco-Music Big Band is a 15-piece, multi-generational big band that is committed to continuing the prodigious compositional and creative legacy of Fred Ho. The ensemble also performs the works of the overlooked composers of 20th century (such as Cal Massey), and provides a platform for the next generation of big band composers. This evening will tribute the life and work of Fred Ho by featuring his works as well as the works of Cal Massey, of his final composition protege Marie Incontrera, and of young, Canadian-native big band composer, Liberte-Anne Lymberiou.

The Eco-Music Big Band:
Saxophones (ATTB): Jay Rodriguez, Livio Almeida, Alejandro Aviles,
Larry Bustamante.
Trumpets: Bryan Davis, Mark McGowan, Nabate Isles, Adam O’Farrill
Trombones: David Whitwell, David Taylor
Violin: Julianne Carney
Cello: Gabriel Dresdale
Piano: Albert Marques
Electric Bass: Amanda Ruzza
Drums: Zack O’Farrill

On the same bill: composer and percussionist Warren Smith continues his yearlong celebration of his 80th birthday with the premiere of his new Symphonic Quartet, with Sonelius Smith (piano & keyboard), James Stewart (woodwinds), Ratzo Harris (bass and cello), and Warren Smith on multiple percussion. The group will present a new hour-long composition, “Songs and Poems of ReReconstruction”. The title refers to similarities of current national and political activities in the US with those of the mid-19th century (postbellum).

Thursday, November 20th at 8:00pm
509 Atlantic Ave (At the Corner off 3rd Ave), Brooklyn, New York 11217
General Admission
Adult [$20.00]
Student/Senior [$15.00]

Click here for tickets

Marie Incontrera sat down and chatted with me for The Glass Sho about the Eco-Music Big Band! Listen here:
The Glass Sho: Episode 29 (Marie Incontrera)

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Scientific Soul Sessions (Eco-Music Big Band page)

The Glass Sho ~ Vicky Chow/Danielle Eva Schwob and Ashley Jackson


My podcast The Glass Sho has a new home: PRX.ORG
Until I can figure out a way to move everything over to the new address, please feel free to enjoy the episodes on and iTunes.
In any event, I hope you all continue to enjoy the podcast.

The latest episode features interviews with Bang On a Can All-Stars’ pianist Vicky Chow and composer Danielle Eva Schwob and harpist Ashley Jennifer Jackson.

Ashley Jennifer Jackson has a debut concert for Lincoln Center tomorrow night (which will feature the debut of Danielle Schwob’s piece “Lights In The Dark” written for harp and string quartet), Sept. 20th at 8 PM at New York City Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center, Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Center, Bruno Auditorium
The American Modern Ensemble Quartet will perform with Ashley in the second half of the program.
111 Amsterdam Avenue at W. 65th St, New York, NY 10023.
Admission is FREE, but tickets are still required; Please reserve here:

Vicky Chow and I discussed her new releases:
Tristan Perich’s work Surface Image on New Amsterdam, which will be released Oct. 28th, and her recording of Steve Reich’s Piano Counterpoint, included on the Reich compilation Radio Rewrite, also including performances by Alarm Will Sound and Jonny Greenwood, and that will be released on Sept. 30 on Nonesuch.
Hear exclusive excerpts from these recordings on the podcast link below.

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The Glass Sho: Episode 21 (Vicky Chow/Danielle Eva Schwob & Ashley Jackson)

THE GLASS SHŌ ~ Armando Bayolo Talks GNE and Bang On a Can


Composer-conductor Armando Bayolo had a few minutes to talk to The Glass Shō about his ensemble Great Noise Ensemble and their first time ever performing at the annual Bang On a Can Marathon in NYC, which will be happening this Sunday, June 22nd at 2 PM, running until 10 PM. Info can be found right here.
The full podcast can be heard on the link below as well as the one on the top right of this page.

The Glass Shō: Episode 10 (Armando Bayolo and Great Noise Ensemble)

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THE GLASS SHŌ ~ Mari Kimura: Preview of ONE at Spectrum

Photo courtesy of Librado Romero/NY Times

Ground-breaking violinist-composer Mari Kimura will be performing at Spectrum this Saturday, April 26th at 7:30 PM. Tickets are $20.
During her set, she’ll play her own piece titled ONE, a mini-opera sung/spoken in 4 languages and which also features visual art, and she’ll be accompanied by the Cassatt String Quartet and multi-lingual vocalist Jin-Xiang Yu.

Mari will also be premiering new works by Hannah Lash and Eric Moe.

Mari spoke to me for The Glass Shō, and below is the link for the podcast episode (She’s featured in the 2nd half)

The Glass Shō: Episode 6 (Mari Kimura/RWO)

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Spectrum ( (Click for more details)

Mari Kimura (

Lisa Dowling ~ Crowdsourcing Kills to Kisses


Lisa Dowling (whom you all may remember from an earlier interview I did) is back to talk about raising money through for a major upcoming project under the name of Kills to Kisses. This recording, titled Cloven Tongues, is not only going to be her first official album release, but it will also be issued on vinyl LP. Those of you that will support the fundraising campaign will get some rather interesting rewards such as downloads of the album, temporary tattoos, a haiku written especially for you, and a personalized mixtape.

You can click on the campaign link here or on the bottom. Continue reading

Alex Temple ~ On Her Upcoming Podcast Opera End

Chicago-based composer Alex Temple, whose music you should certainly check out on her website, has a piece coming out titled End that will be of great interest to those of you that might have an awareness of a phenomenon known as “closing logos” (or “scary logos”). Readers of The Glass are definitely familiar with these from my coverage of Eric Siday’s work as well as my interview with filmmaker Rodney Ascher about his short The S From Hell. End is an operatic take on the scary logo phenomenon, and as an interesting twist, the work will be presented as a 3-part podcast–the premiere dates have yet to be announced, so please be on the lookout for them.

In the meantime, Alex has another work premiering at NY’s Cell Theater on December 20th at 8 PM titled Switch: A Science-Fiction Micro-Opera that will be part of an evening program titled Den of Death, featuring the Cadillac Moon Ensemble and other works by Matt Marks, Melody Loveless and Viet Cuong. Click here or the link at the bottom for info/tickets. Continue reading

George Harrison ~ Electronic Sound (1968-69)

George Harrison (1943~2001)
Electronic Sound
Released 9/5/69 in the UK on Zapple (ZAPPLE 02)
Released 26/5/69 (Chris’ 3rd b’day) in the US on Zapple (ST-3358)

Side 1 (At 00:00): Under The Mersey Wall (George Harrison) 18:40
Recorded in Esher, UK, in February 1969 with the assistance of Rupert and Jostick, the Siamese Twins

Side 2 (At 18:43): No Time Or Space (Bernie Krause; label has it credited to Harrison) 25:06
Recorded in California in November 1968 with the assistance of Bernie Krause (b. 1938)

[Ed: Notes courtesy of Wikipedia]

Electronic Sound is George Harrison’s first studio album and second album overall, following the release of the Wonderwall Music soundtrack. Released in May 1969, it was the second and final record released on the Beatles’ short-lived Zapple Records label, a subsidiary of Apple Records. The album features two lengthy pieces performed on the Moog synthesizer. It was one of the first albums to make exclusive use of the instrument. Continue reading

Kendra Emery ~ On The Banglewood Experience and Related Things

Kendra Emery performing at the Bang On a Can Summer Festival in North Adams, MA; July 2013 (Photo courtesy of Ivan Singer)kendraemeryivansinger

Saxophonist Kendra Emery is a musician I very recently met in the audience at this year’s Bang On a Can marathon in NY this past June, and at the time I had no idea she was going to be selected as one of the fellows appearing at the Summer festival at MASS MoCA the following month. During that period, I noticed lots of interesting activity in music and clips being posted online from the events that took place, and suddenly it seemed that she was among lots of great influences, and was becoming one of the most up-front individuals participating at the festival. An article that was picked up by Rolling Stone even covered this event, which surely must have attracted some audience members from outside the culture. Since then, she has updated her website and she’s commissioning new works, and even recording her own improvs (You can hear them either on her webpage or on her Soundcloud page). Continue reading

Gregg Kallor at Subculture ~ Concert Preview

Photo courtesy of Steve PoolGregg Kallor - Steve Pool

Courtesy of Two Sheps That Pass

Gregg Kallor is the recipient of an Aaron Copland Award for composition. One of ten composers nationwide selected for this prestigious residency, Kallor composed a concerto for piano and orchestra during his time at the home of the late eminent American composer. He also began several chamber music pieces while he was there, including “Undercurrent” for cello and piano – which he will premiere at SubCulture tonight at 7:30 PM with Laura Metcalf (cello).

Kallor’s new album, A Single Noon, is a nine-movement piano suite – a musical tableau of life in New York City told through a combination of classical composition and improvisation. Kallor premiered the suite at Carnegie Hall in 2011. Five-time GRAMMY®-nominee Fred Hersch calls it “the work of an extraordinary pianist, a composer of great distinction and a true conceptualist… this ambitious and unique suite really takes us somewhere that is very deeply heartfelt and dazzlingly executed. This is 21st-century music that has clearly absorbed the past and looks to a bright and borderless musical future.”

Kallor’s first music video, “Espresso Nirvana” (think caffeinated hijinks), is set to the sixth movement of the suite. His new music video, “Broken Sentences” (set to the 2nd movement), will be released tonight at SubCulture. It celebrates one of the most exciting public arts programs in NYC: the Sing For Hope Pianos – 88 artist-designed pianos that were placed in public spaces all around the 5 boroughs for anyone to play. Art for all.

Trailer for “Broken Sentences”

Gregg Kallor
SubCulture, 45 Bleecker St, Downstairs

Donal Fox ~ On Jamming with Hilary Hahn at Skaneateles

Donal FOX(Lou Jones)

Pianist-composer-improviser Donal Fox is performing this year at the 34th annual Skaneateles Festival.
Known for some incredible work in both jazz and new music, Donal has also been very active as a collaborator and experimentalist in merging styles. Besides his solo appearance at the upcoming festival on Thursday, August 15th at 8 PM, he’ll be playing with none other than a longtime favorite of The Glass and a veteran of this festival, Hilary Hahn, on Saturday the 17th at 7:30 PM at a special evening devoted to a collaboration never before seen by the public, and something that promises to be a real treat for both fans of jazz and classical. Hilary will also be appearing on Friday the 16th playing a solo recital at 8 PM.

Donal had a few minutes to talk about the show. Continue reading