Melissa Jane is Still Rockin’


10600646_10152729164746979_836403465441126300_nRemember Melissa Jane Dichiera, the rock and roll goddess (A term I had used to describe her) that was featured on The Glass back in 2013? She is back and still going strong as a classy front woman for 3 different bands, and these days she even has time for a day job at Universal Studios. Of course the reason I knew of her in the first place was her appearance on the VH1 Classic reality show Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp.
We all decided it was time to do another great Q&A for The Glass!

CM: What have you been doing since last time we spoke? 

Melissa: I have done a lot in the last three years. I had the pleasure of being the fill in singer for the US tour of System Divide in 2013 being one of the opening acts for Epica and performing along side some great bands like Insomnium and Al Storm. I have been doing some of the best song writing of my life with Final Gravity and SYNN and very excited to release these albums in 2016. I am very proud of the song writing I have done and can wait to share this music.

CM: Your 3 bands are all still active?

Melissa: All of the bands have been doing great! SYNN have a new .com site that is and Final Gravity will be relaunching a new and improved site with the upcoming album release. Both bands to a break from performing to focus on finalizing our albums which we are super proud of. We have started doing shows again that are hosted by Metal Sanaz who is an awesome supporter of the music and we have a huge schedule for performances and tours coming up end of 2016 for SYNN and tour will be early 2017 for Final Gravity to promote each bands album release. Lady Zep have been performing consistently and our shows are getting bigger and better and starting to hit the casino scene and community summer concert series.

CM: By day you are a production coordinator at Universal Studios. Do you have an effective way of balancing this responsibility with the music career?

Melissa:  I have also been working with Universal Studios as a vocal coach for their rock shows and their special Grinchmas events. I have also had the pleasure of not only being able to vocal coach on these shows but also perform as a singer during the summer and for special events at Universal Studios Hollywood.

CM: You do have a fabulous prowess as a singer onstage. Are you considering and/or preparing to make it the only career if that’s something you truly wish to do?

Melissa: Being a performer is my number one passion and I do believe it is a natural talent. I must nurture and enjoy! I absolutely have made singing and music my number one focus and will definitely continue to do so.
SYNN will be releasing a new video clip this year for the song “Burning Flames”.
And I have just joined a Duran Duran female band that will be performing in both LA and Vegas. This has just happened but is exciting and there will be lots of shows coming up!

Melissa Jane Dichiera (


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