Beatles ~ “Turn Me On, Dead Man” (Radio show, date unknown)

From YouTube:
“Radio show about an urban legend suggesting that Paul McCartney died in 1966. Seems like this is not the complete show, part is missing in the beginning. WKNR radio in Detroit, Oct. 1969” (By the way, the date given appears to now be incorrect).

Radio show found on YouTube about the “death” of Paul McCartney–It’s a completely outlandish urban legend that is every bit as fabricated as Orson Welles’ radio adaptation of War of the Worlds, yet just as creepy, fascinating and, at times, effectively persuasive. Still not entirely sure this is the same radio show I heard on WPLJ (on Paul’s B’day in 1979) as there were several different broadcasts that were just as creepy on the subject.

I have to add to this that in my most adamant but humble opinion, I do NOT believe any of this or other documentaries that even try to entertain the possibility that Sir Paul McCartney is dead. I want to know, who is the person that even started this whole thing? Mind you, at times the “clues” can be quite elaborate, and this person seems to do an interesting job with syncing certain things up, but a majority of the clues have since proven to be both false and erroneous–The most noticeable ones being that the flowers that are supposed to be “P” for “Paul” on the Pepper cover are really just supposed to be a guitar, and that Lennon says “cranberry sauce” in “Strawberry Fields”, not “I buried Paul”–Dismissed as chance.



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