The Glass Shō ~ Rebecca Brandt Discusses Her Album Remixed


Composer Rebecca Brandt sat down with me to discuss her new CD Numbers & Shapes: Revisited. It’s really a collection of remixed takes on the pieces from her first full-length CD simply titled Numbers & Shapes, but this was a different kind of project–while not involving Rebecca’s full-on expertise as an artist/composer (at least in real time), her focus was on the initial stems of the pieces and working in tandem with the mixing artists.
Below is an excerpt from our interview for The Glass Sho, which, by the way, can be heard in its entirety when you click on the link on the bottom or on The Glass Sho link on the top right.

“It was actually not originally my idea, it was a friend that came to me with the idea. I was actually looking to start a new project at the numbers&shapesrevisitedtime, and I kind of wasn’t really sure if I wanted to do another full album by myself, or what I wanted to do, so, when this was presented to me, I thought it was a pretty neat idea. After we went over the logistics, and how we were actually going to go about doing it, it just seemed like it would be really fun! He knew lots of people that were interested, so it kind of worked out!

First, I had to be involved with the initial production when I had to get the stems together, and we did get to talk creatively about what we were looking for and the concept of the record, but really, we just kind of let the artists do their own thing and bring their own styles, and as you may have heard, a lot of the remixes don’t follow my songs at all, and some of them don’t even sound like they were taken from my stems, which I think is a really cool interpretation! Someone took these stems and these masters and manipulated them in such a way it made them unrecognizable, but used the same building blocks, and some of the other songs follow the stems more closely. I thought the interplay between the two modes was pretty neat!”

The Glass Shō: Episode 1–Rebecca Brandt discusses Numbers and Shapes: Revisited

the glassshoA1

Click here to purchase Numbers & Shapes: Revisited

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