Pardon My Transition, Renovation In Progress


It has been seemingly too long since I’ve posted, but I am going through some changes in my personal life (Moving does that to you, I guess), and as art imitates life, it has forced me to consider a few interesting changes for The Glass.
As of now, we have a new logo (Well, it’s really the old logo from the last pre-set WordPress theme I used with a new twist), a new domain name (It is now, but those of you that linked The Glass with the old URL, it will still take you here), and starting very soon, for the first time ever, I will be branching out into the world of podcasting with The Glass Shō. But rather than build a whole new webpage for posting the podcasts, they’ll be posted right here on this page–I even made a new logo for the podcast:

the glassshoA1

So, please stay tuned, I hope you’ll enjoy the ride into the new frontier with me.


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