My Favorite CDs of 2013


Ok, so, first of all, this list is really late, please accept my apologies for that.
Another thing is that I decided that I can’t rank things anymore as it never seems like a fair assessment for anyone to be ranked higher or lower than anyone else, therefore this list is in NO PARTICULAR ORDER, so there is no “number one pick” or “lowest on the list” placement here.
These were the recordings in new music that truly stood out for me.
I also must apologize that I’m not a very good writer in discussing what makes this music tick for me–Can I just say there was something about it that stood out? It would be crazy for me to simply repeat that over and over for them all. I haven’t figured out why this is, maybe I just need a bigger vocabulary. And I also have chosen not to write CD reviews anymore for this reason.
But anyway, I hope everyone appreciates the picks and why I have placed them here.

I do want to point out about In 27 Pieces that I’m so glad it was finally released and we got to hear these pieces after only hearing them described to me by some of the composers, it was worth the wait. I’m also glad Hilary finally offered up some serious scraping that she held back on when I heard her play Antheil live a few years back.


Towards Daybreak ~ Bill Ryan, Billband

100 Names ~ Rebekah Heller

In 27 Pieces: The Hilary Hahn Encores ~ Hilary Hahn, Cory Smythe

A Single Breath: Beethoven’s Last Three Piano Sonatas ~ Beth Levin

A Single Noon ~ Gregg Kallor

Corps Eqxuis ~ Daniel Wohl, TRANSIT

The Spirit of the Garden ~ Rose & The Nightingale

Prelude Cocktail ~ Lawler + Fadoul

Voyages ~ Conrad Tao

I Do (The Wedding Album) ~ Polkastra

Death Speaks ~ David Lang, Shara Worden, Maya Beiser

Exiles’ Cafe ~ Lara Downes

23 rubai’yat ~ John King, Jenny Lin

Baroque ~ Nadia Sirota

Evensong ~ Caleb Burhans

Glass: Concerto Fantasy/Mohammed Fairouz: In The Shadow of No Towers (Symphony #4) ~ Paul Popeil, University of Kansas Wind Ensemble

There was also one particular pop album I liked last year:

No Sugar Added ~ Fight The Fear (a great local band here in CT that hopefully will be going places soon 😉 )


2 thoughts on “My Favorite CDs of 2013

  1. This is a fun list, and I love your approach! Ranking is impossible, entirely arbitrary, isn’t it? What I’ve enjoyed most in looking at everyone’s year-end lists, is how different and eclectic they all are. Thanks for contributing yours!

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