Inhyun Kim and Luna Cholong Kang ~ On Luna’s Upcoming May Carnegie Hall Debut

Composer and founder of Ear To Mind Inhyun Kim, and solo flutuist Luna Cholong Kang had a few minutes to discuss the upcoming Zankel at Carnegie Hall debut on May 2nd for the flutist and some of the pieces scheduled for the evening. Among them are 3 (technically 4) world premieres (one of them by Inhyun herself and an existing piece by Oliver Knussen with new choreography by Coco Karol). The program is as follows:

Reiko Fueting: New Work (US Premiere)
Jolivet: Chant de Linos
Oliver Knussen: Masks, Op. 3 (World premiere of this version choreographed by Coco Karol)
Inhyun Kim: Luna (World Premiere)
David Lang: Vent
Poulenc: Sonata for Flute and Piano
Telemann: 12 Fantasias for Flute without Bass
Julia Wolfe: New Work (World Premiere)

CM: Please talk about this upcoming concert debut at Zankel Hall and the special pieces selected for it.

luna1Luna: My first performance, Olliver Knussen’s Masks, was chosen to be my introduction as an artist to my audience. Its purpose is to make my mark, through movement, as one of the many performers who strive to reach beyond the restrictions of genre.

I am ecstatic and even humbled by the fact that I will be performing three completely new compositions by three incredible composers. Kim, Fueting and Wolfe’s works will undoubtedly be marveled for years to come and I am honored to be their first muse.

CM (To Inhyun): What can you tell us about the premiere of your piece ‘Luna’ other than it having the same name as the soloist?

inhyunkimInhyun: Luna is my motivation and inspiration for this piece. I want the audience to feel and hear what I did when I first heard Luna’s play style. Luna has captured the original image, the essence and innocence of the flute. I will be expressing this ancient originality through a contemporary paradigm, in my own language. I plan to make my composition series an ode to living contemporary musicians as I had done with “Parallel Lines” for Jenny Q. Chai.

Ear to Mind presents Flutist, Luna Cholong Kang in solo recital with Performer, Coco Karol from A. Mert Erdem on Vimeo.

CM: I’m very happy to see that Coco Karol is going to have a big role in this concert–Can you guys talk about her involvement with the performance of Olivier Knussen’s ‘Masks’?

cocokarol1[Pictured right, Coco Karol]
Inhyun: Coco will be the choreographer of the entirety of Masks. Many movement interpretations will be based off of the original performance of Masks but it will all be with a dash of heart and soul from Coco Karol. We are under deliberations as to whether Coco will be performing personally on stage.

CM (to Luna): Is this the first time you have worked with a dancer as part of your program?

Luna: Yes, it the first time I have worked with a performance artist in my program. I am thrilled to be given the chance to interpret Coco’s masterpiece of choreography on stage. Working with Coco has been the chance of a lifetime, not only will I be given the opportunity to enrapture my audience with music but also expand my performance into movement. In this debut I want to become one of the many new age artists who deteriorate the limitations of genre.

CM: Can we expect to see a CD recording in the future?

Luna: Absolutely, we plan on releasing a CD recording in the near future. I am in contact with several labels and planning to release my first CD in 2015. All 3 premiered pieces will be included.

Luna C Kang performing ‘Syrinx’ by Debussy from A. Mert Erdem on Vimeo.

Click here for info on Luna’s debut at Zankel Hall

Luna Cholong Kang

Inhyun Kim

Ear To Mind Korea


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