WHY? ~ Kickstarting their Documentary

WHY? the band–Photo courtesy of Natalie Escobedo396603_10151235014998618_1263225577_n

Indie band WHY? are the subject of an upcoming documentary that will be chronicling the making of their current CD Mumps, Etc. as well as everyday business and personal moments from the group and its lead singer, Yoni Wolf. The filmmakers and the band have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for completion of the production of this film, and you can be a great help and kick in some cash by clicking on the link here or on the bottom.

The film’s co-director Scott Fredette spoke to us about how the project came to be.

“I stumbled on to it because Yoni and Josiah moved back to Cincinnati, and a friend of mine (Ben) was also a friend of theirs, and we both just basically decided to take it on. The idea was to film the process of making the new album. We were intrigued by the fact that Yoni moved back into his parents house, which was in a suburb of Cincinnati way far from where he lived in Oakland, CA. It was an interesting approach when he did his 4-tracking–He did the entire album in the dining room.

I’d done some talking with them in the previous year, and I actually started to like their music late in the game (2010), and we were becoming friends during the recording, so I was basically asking them the questions that I’d want to ask, as if a friend would ask them, and then it became a little more about the album process. It was also a different approach because Yoni wrote a majority of the music himself, but he has the other guys that are chiming in and creating a lot of energy from their end. Doug and Josiah are wonderful musicians as well, so there’s lots of input from those guys, but this time was different, so I was intrigued about how that was going to go. That was was the impetus, and we wanted to get into some deeper stuff, like Yoni’s illness and his quirks, and we just wanted to see where it would pan out from the beginning of an album to the end. We wanted to get into his religion, and what makes him and the other guys tick. We didn’t really know where it would go, but this is where we got to, and we still have a long way to go.”

Yoni Wolf himself also weighed in on the project.


“Ben Nicholson was a fan of the group, and he was a friend of my father’s. It was his initial idea to do the documentary, and he got Scott Fredette on board. Scott originally did not know the band, but he was initiated pretty quickly when we started filming, and then Alex [Parks] was brought on as a producer. The film surrounds the making of Mumps, Etc, and has some day-to-day stuff–drama occurs, and there’s issues with my health–lots of ups and downs. It was a rough couple of years and they were there for it. I didn’t end up being the most sympathetic character in the movie, I was more of an anti-hero.”

Click here to contribute to WHY’s Kickstarter campaign

WHY? (whywithaquestionmark.com)


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