Meerenai Shim ~ Preview of her appearance at the Felsenfeld show at Cornelia St. Cafe


Flutist Meerenai Shim will be making a special appearance in NY on Sunday, June 2nd for a concert at Cornelia St. Cafe that will consist of a full program of Daniel Felsenfeld music entitled The Life I’m Leading: Music of Daniel Felsenfeld. The show will also feature the likes of people like Jessica Schmitz, Rose Bellini, Mila Henry, Demetrius Spaneas and Steve Beck among others. BTW, Daniel Felsenfeld will be there too! 🙂  The show is on Sunday at 6 PM until 8 PM. This is part of a series called Serial Underground, presented by ComposersCollaborative, Inc.

Meerenai also has a new CD titled The Art of Noise, which features Danny’s work To Committee, a Self-Parody. It also features works by Jay Batzner, David E. Farrell, Janice Nisurell-Mitchell and Matthew Joseph Payne. To check out this album, click here for sampling or to purchase.

Meerenai spoke to The Glass about Danny’s work.

danielfelsenfeld [Pictured left: Daniel Felsenfeld]

“The first piece on the CD The Art of Noise is the piece I commissioned from Danny a couple of years ago–this was the project where we used Kickstarter to raise the funds for the commission. I could not be happier with the piece that he wrote me. To Committee: a Self Parody is just fantastic–I knew that Danny’s works were good, but when you commission a piece, you just really never know what you’re gonna get! I’ve been so pleased! It sounds like Danny, and it’s so creative and so clear. The writing is excellent, and the piano part is sort of crazy. It’s very challenging! And actually because of that, in the second movement, you have to pretty much do it in one take, because we didn’t want to make Lori [Lack] too tired. There’s so much tremolo throughout the second movement! I think it was just like–to be in it mentally for 20 minutes, it’s taxing! But it was a great experience to record and perform–I feel so lucky!”

Click here for info about Daniel Felsenfeld’s concert featuring Meerenai Shim at Cornelia Street Cafe


Meerenai Shim-Flutist (


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