Everything Went Down Pretty Good

From L to R: Noah Drew and Kate Tucker, stars of Everything Went Down EWDbar

[a film review]
Everything Went Down
Starring Kate Tucker and Noah Drew
Directed by Dustin Morrow
Little Swan Pictures
1 hour, 25 minutes
Rating: Not rated

If you are a fan of the indie musical Once, you will probably enjoy Everything Went Down just as much–Like that film, this one takes the musical genre into a much more incidental and realistic world, and still manages to leave one feeling the music as both a delightful standout and an equal narrative to the dialogue as opposed to just being in the background.

EDITOR’S NOTE: By the way, I did do a preview for this film about a year ago at this time when it was still getting backing for its completion, and even interviewed both Kate Tucker and the film’s director Dustin Morrow if you would like to check those out

The film, with its minimal-but-pastorally gorgeous Pacific Northwest setting (it was shot in Bellingham, WA, which reminded me so much of Portland that I thought Portlandia’s Fred and Carrie were going to pop in somewhere) gives us these two people, Chelsea the singer-songwriter and Will the college professor (played respectively by Kate Tucker–real life singer-songwriter–and Noah Drew) while they are at their most vulnerable. While she goes through the typical working musician woes of building an audience, he struggles to come back from having lost his wife to cancer. When Will hears Chelsea’s song played on the college radio station, he is practically blown away and comes to the local gig she was promoting on the air. While the show ended up being a bust due to practically no attendees, she played a song for him, and they decided to stay in touch and later touch base with the kind of music-oriented discussion two people have when they find out they have so much in common (I have to say I loved this and related to it even though I’m not sure I like Winger as much as Will does).

When they get together for a home-prepared lunch at Will’s place, Chelsea asks Will how his wife died, and he responds “cancer” before Chelsea even gets to the letter ‘w’ in ‘How’. He finds himself having to rather uncomfortably explain how she died, and also that they were only married for 4 days. After freaking out when it looked like perhaps this thing with Chelsea seemed like it was going in a slightly more romantic place, Will runs off and does some running and diving into the local water hole (which almost looks as if he’s taking a suicide dive). Following this he returns, and after making apologies to Chelsea, they go ahead and do a photo shoot and a redesign of her website before some interesting choices are made about their futures.

The performances by Kate Tucker (who has never acted in a film before this one and had me completely forgetting this fact) and Noah Drew are both heart-warming (especially for the humorous and lighthearted moments) and quite shockingly realistic with the dramatic side of the story as well.

I should really point out that my favorite things about the film are this: The music of Kate Tucker, which at its best (and probably why Dustin Morrow chose to feature both it and herself in the film–She is this film’s Glen Hansard for sure) is music that allows you to unfold a narrative to, and the fact that the story allows you to focus on why these two people are necessary for each other’s company. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen films where a story about friendship that develops between two people is a bigger focus than a love story, but without giving too much away, I can say with great certainty that if you happen to share my point of view that love is built on friendship, you will enjoy this story just as much as you will love the film for Kate Tucker’s music.

Everything Went Down – Trailer #2

Everything Went Down is making its East Coast debut at The Columbus Upstairs at the SENE Film, Music and Arts Festival in Providence, RI this Friday, April 26th at 8:30 PM. Click here for info on the screening.

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