Loom Ensemble ~ Erosion CD Release Party (A Review)

The Loom Ensemble performing excerpts from Erosion: a Fable during their CD release party at Theaterlab (Photos courtesy of Loom Ensemble)_MG_7991

World in One Pan Arts Collaborative
Loom Ensemble
Album Release Concert
Featuring live excerpts from Erosion: a Fable
Music by Sasha Bogdanowitsch and Loom
Also featuring SoCorpo (Sasha Bogdanowitsch & Sabrina Lastman)
Choreography by Neva Cockrell
TheaterLab, NY
Thurs, April 11th, 2013

In such a small space as the room inside TheaterLab, which felt to me more like the space where Loom rehearses, there was quite a sparkling little program in the guise of a CD release party that was put on by the Loom Ensemble with a great deal of spirit and warmth that would entertain anyone that appreciates the craft of both music and dance.

Following a short set of gorgeously exotic music performed both a cappella and with an autoharp by the duo SoCorpo (Bogdanowitsch and fellow Vital Vox Fest creator Sabrina Lastman), The Loom Ensemble were in fine form displaying their interdisciplinary prowess as a music and dance group with a set of excerpts from their extended stage work titled Erosion: a Fable. Outside of the work’s story, which was more or less irrelevant to the evening as this program was simply just a short lineup of some of the selections, the music is almost liturgically minimal in its style performed by the trio of singers (Sasha B, Raphael Sachs and Kate Hamilton) and again, with and without accompaniment from the use of a halo drum and/or loops, presenting a very exotic and otherworldly set of pieces that puts one in a very imaginative place for a CD release event.

When they reconvened after a break, they had led everyone into a sing-a-long of “Produce and Package, part one” from the CD and taught us all our parts. Listening to this on the album, the recorded version being the complex piece it is, I’m impressed we rose to the challenge.

_MG_8002With some amazing choreography by Neva Cockrell, who made a small appearance herself during a superb xylophone solo by Sasha Bogdanowitsch, the ensemble makes good on displaying simultaneous art forms coming from people that are not all specialists at both of those things, but give you 100% of their commitment and their ability for doing both disciplines.
I strongly advise you to check Loom out when they are back in town performing.

BTW, as for SoCorpo, they will be back doing a CD release show at LPR on Tuesday, 4/23 at 7:30 PM. Click here for tickets/info on that show.

Loom Ensemble.com


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