Natalie Gelman ~ Kickstarting the Streetlamp Musician Radio Campaign


Singer-songwriter Natalie Gelman is an amazing singer and musician, and quite adventurous as she embarked on a fascinating musical tour on rollerblades about 10 years ago. She’s played all over the country and has a bunch of great tunes, and with her latest recording, an EP titled Streetlamp Musician, she is looking not to fund the recording (that’s already done) but to employ a team of individuals for campaigning the songs for radio exposure. With some help from the public and Kickstarter, she hopes to make this happen. Click here or on the bottom link if you can spare a few bucks, there may be something in it for you!
Natalie had a few minutes to discuss it!

CM: Please talk about this particular Kickstarter and what you are hoping to fund?

Natalie: I’m doing a Kickstarter for the first time to fund a radio campaign for my new EP, Streetlamp Musician. I think it’s a great way to come together as a community to support worthy projects and I’m about a week away from my deadline to raise funds…

CM: This is a very interesting development. Usually people are just funding album costs, you are trying to employ people to be sort of a makeshift production team, it seems.

Natalie: It’s not entirely uncommon. I thought so myself when I first came up with the idea but I found a few other artists who ran successful radio campaigns for their albums after they were made. The sad truth is that if you’re trying to be successful in this industry you have to not only make something amazing that deserves to be heard but you have to put some mussel and money behind it. I did the art work for the record myself, spent a full week assembling hundreds of press kits to be sent out (about 475 as of today) and before I even hire someone the manufacturing of those CD’s and the shipping costs and supplies to print and mail the packages is already over $2000. It adds up fast and the campaign, if successfully funded, will help me actually get this project heard and back on the road touring as I build a larger fan base through radio.

CM: Do you see this as the future of a more realistic way of creating music and exposure for the music and one’s career?

Natalie: I think it’s not about creating music and exposure as much as it is about getting support from your community and knowing what projects might have a fan base before you go forward with them. It’s also not the future, it’s now.

Long Stemmed Roses (Galaxy Smith Studios, Brooklyn, NYC)

CM: “Long Stemmed Roses” is one of these songs–Really nice! Did you get a much larger sense of creating music in the studio once you started working on this project?

Natalie: Thank you! I’m so proud of how that song, and the whole record turned out! That one is definitely one of my favorites. I did have a harder time at first in the studio because I was so used to playing live for years so it was an awesome learning experience to spend time in the studio and see how a song comes to life there. It’s a whole different set of parameters you create in when you’re in the studio.

CM: Will you be doing any more tours on rollerblades? 🙂

Natalie: Maybe! I am getting close to the 10 year mark since the rollerblading tour. I’ve thought about doing something similar… time will tell!!

UPDATE: Congrats to Natalie, her Kickstarter for the Streetlamp Musician was funded on March 29th!

Click here to purchase Streetlamp Musician EP

Natalie Gelman’s websites
Streetlamp Musician (her tumblr)

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