Ha-Yang Kim ~ On The Revised Version of ThreadSuns & The JACK Quartet at Roulette

Photo courtesy of Peter Gannushkin

Cellist-composer Ha-Yang Kim had a few minutes to speak about The JACK Quartet‘s upcoming show on Saturday, September 8th, 8 PM at Roulette, where the ensemble will be perfoming a newly-revised version of her work “ThreadSuns”. Kim will also be performing other works of hers on the program.

CM: Can you talk about the pieces that were chosen for this concert?

Ha-Yang: The program features a newly revised string quartet (originally written in ’08) titled “ThreadSuns”. It’s in three distinctive contrasting movements, in all, the piece lasts about 45 minutes. It’s inspired by the mystical cryptic poetry of Paul Celan, who invented a completely original poetics to express “that which could not be expressed with words”, specifically the atrocities and horrors of witnessing the systematic genocide of Jews during WWII. Celan’s poetry was an attempt to reach beyond the finite limitations of words, to express the deep inner heart experience. His poetry is incredibly mysterious, dark, haunting, yet also there is an underlying longing for the redemption of humanity’s spiritual decay.

I wrote the piece drawing from the visual imagery of the Sun, which represents humanity’s spiritual oneness, wholeness, completeness being violently obliterated to countless threads, drifting through infinite space and time. Nonetheless, even in it’s fractured form, all the original matter of the Sun remains. So there exists the possibility for the threads to come together and merge as one, transformed. Though perhaps, not in this current reality but in another.

CM: What is your feeling about The JACK Quartet’s performance of this piece?

[Photo left courtesy of Henrik Olund]
: I’m incredibly excited and thrilled to hear them champion the piece! They are so generous with themselves, and I trust their artistic sensibilities and intuition. I deliberately wrote the piece with rather spare concise performance markings, so that the music would speak for itself and give much space for each of them to contribute and “own” the music with their innate musicality.

CM: Any upcoming releases for you?

Ha-Yang: I’m planning to record JACK and release “ThreadSuns” with Tzadik. If all goes smoothly and forces align, I hope that it’ll be released by the middle of 2013.

Click here to buy tickets for The JACK Quartet and Ha-Yang Kim at Roulette

Ha-Yang Kim & The JACK Quartet
Saturday, September 8th, 8 PM
509 Atlantic Ave (On the corner of Atlantic & 3rd Aves)
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(917) 267-0368


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