Oh My Dayum!!

Went to Five Guys today! I’ve had the burger before, and I knew that when you get a “regular cheesburger” as opposed to the “junior cheesburger”, that you are really getting a double cheesburger, and it’s enough to feed a starving community of 12! I got the now-infamous bacon cheeseburger that Dayum Drops is raving about in his original review (as part of his food review series on YouTube; btw, please write me if you folks think I should contact him about doing an interview for The Glass), and all I gots to say is “Dayum, Dayum, DAY-Y-YUM”! I didn’t get the fries, but I probably should have checked to see if the fry bites back.

Of course, this music video with the autotuned Dayum is also well done (courtesy of The Gregory Brothers; channel on YouTube). Since then it’s even being covered (not as well, but this is a cute clip anyway).

Now there’s even an orchestral version??



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