Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards ~ On Live From The Nave Gallery

Mark Mandeville and Raianne Richards, the indie-folk duo from MA that made a smooth transition to a more classic folk sound after their existence as the indie-folk chamber band The Accident That Led Me To The World (TATLMTTW), are back again with their first live recording titled Live From The Nave Gallery. Recorded during the first of the yearly Walking Tours of theirs in 2010, it’s a recording that, with the reverb of the venue, makes one reminisce about live folk music recordings of the past (I’m mostly reminded of The Clancy Brothers at Carnegie Hall).
You can purchase the CD here or on the link at the bottom.

Mark and Raianne had a few minutes to chat.

CM: The live CD is great! The sound of the recording reminds me of a few live folk recordings of the past that were recorded in the finest halls. Did you guys think about that when this was being recorded?

Mark: Old churches and meeting halls are always our favorite places to sing. Those rooms were often built so voices would carry naturally. Randy Winchester, organizer of events at the Nave, would usually record the artists for posterity, using a couple condenser mics and a digital recorder. I am thankful for Randy’s effort, and his willingness to share this recording with our label. And sure, if you put this album on your shelves between Seeger’s “We Shall Overcome” and Melanie’s “Leftover Wine,” however overstated, I’d be…tickled pink.

Raianne: It was definitely in our minds. the Nave Gallery is hands down one of my favorite places to perform in the whole country. The sound of the room is amazing!

CM: How has the Walking Tour been this year compared to previous years? Did you have to bring small instruments again? 🙂

Raianne: We always bring small instruments, as we carry them on our backs the lightest weight is important. Each year the success of the walking tour snowballs and gains a little more. We always meet great people that we would not meet otherwise and other local performance opportunities come out of it. People are always intrigued by the effort we are making with this but also the romanticism of traveling minstrels. hiking, singing and camping our way along to remind everyone how important and special creating and experiencing art really is!

Mark: This year was a bit different for me, as I’d thrown out my back two weeks earlier. I drove the “sag wagon.” But, you know, there’s something to be said for creating an organization or event which can function without you actually being present. Raianne, Billy and Dan were able to keep positive and they couldn’t have asked for better weather, in contrast to last year’s complete rain out. I am surprised our boots managed to dry out at all. As for community support, more and more folks are getting wind of our little event, and it continues to grow and build up steam.

CM: Can you talk about the upcoming recording you guys will be/are working on?

Mark: Raianne and I have a few new songs which we feel pretty strongly about. We’re honing this sound which is reminiscent of old folk/country duos like “Ian & Sylvia” and “Gram and Emmylou.” Not that we’re copying, emulating, or trying to ride some horse towards a determinable end, but rather like students, we’re learning. In addition, our bandmates Doug Williamson and Peter Hart have been helping us to sculpt this sound, adding elements of traditional bluegrass, country and sometimes even western swing–it’s a comfortable place to create in. We are still on the fence regarding whether or not we’ll record the darn thing ourselves or let some studio have their way with us. For now, building this record is the task at hand–all else will simply make itself known.

Raianne: We intend to continue working with Peter Hart (pedal steel and dobro) and Doug Williamson (Mandolin, piano, upright, papusse, etc.) to round out our sound. Still going for the Folk Country sound we have had since we stopped performing as TATLMTTW. Our tentative title track is “Hard Times and Woes”.

Cardboard Wings (Live, probably June 2012)

EDITOR’S NOTE: On a more serious note, Raianne’s mother Rebecca “Bexter” Richards has been critically injured in a motorcycle accident. She is now in rehab and making some promising progress for recovery, but Raianne and Bexter really could use your support, so please take a look at the following link:

You can make contributions either through PayPal or you can send checks or money orders to:
Rebecca Richards
c/o January Ramstrom
P.O. Box 535
Sutton, MA 01590

Click here to stream/purchase Live From The Nave Gallery

Aug. 12 ~ Riverbend Farm, Uxbridge MA
SHOW: 5:30pm | COST: free
Recreation, State Parks & Beaches – Energy and Environmental Affairs – Mass.Gov

Aug. 19 ~ Wachusett Valley Folk Festival, Westminster MA
SHOW: tba | COST: $40

Aug. 25 ~ Carter & Stevens Farm – Barre MA
SHOW: 7pm | COST: free

Sept. 8 ~ Roots Natural Foods – Leominster MA
SHOW: 1pm | COST: free

Sept. 14 ~ The Coffee Loft – Marlborough MA
SHOW: 7pm | COST: free

Oct. 6 ~ Sharon Arts – Peterborough NH
SHOW: tba | COST: tba



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