Megan Ihnen is at Banglewood right now, and on her blog The Sybaritic Singer, she’s been publishing some totally image-inducing notes about the activities! One of these years I want to go cover it as well!

The Sybaritic Singer

When pushed outside of your comfort zone, it is fascinating to find the unrealized notions and conceptions we hold dear. This past week I also ventured outside my comfort zone in our African Drumming class with Nani Agbeli. Nani is an intense musical instructor. Moving at a fast clip, he taught the class a myriad of new patterns all played on traditional instruments. The realization of how tightly I cling to Western Musical Ideaswas startling to me. (Not to mention that I was never a very good percussionist, much to many close friend’s dismay over the years.)

However, on Friday we held our performance of the drumming, singing, and dancing that we had practiced over the week with Nani. Surprisingly, it wasn’t stressful but rather fun! It was a gentle reminder that you’re only placing restrictions on your own possibilities by getting tied up in what you do. Even…

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