Music For Canines

Music For Canines is a music campaign started by Cierra Alise Hill (you will most certainly remember her from a previous interview on here–Great fiddler) and Dylan Jack (drums) to help out a dog rescue organization known as WolfSpirit’s Rescue. Cierra and Dylan had some time to talk with us about this cause.

The band, although they are without an official name (I’m thinking they should just name the band Music For Canines), also consists of Tom Brooks (guitar) and Ryan Janssen (bass).

They are currently raising money through the crowd-funding helper known as IndieGoGo. You can donate through here, or click on the big link at the bottom.

CM: How did the idea for Music For Canines come about?

Dylan: Music For Canines is an idea Cierra and I elaborated on after talking about doing a small tour. We realized that as students and recent graduates, money was going to be tough so we decided to try and raise some funds. Cierra’s mother just started fostering dogs and she would tell me awful stories about how some were treated before being in her mother’s care. So we decided that instead of getting together just because we love playing music together, we’ll put it towards an amazing cause and save some lives while we’re at it.

Cierra: Building on what Dylan said, we started brainstorming for this project while Dylan was still living in Minnesota, and continued to keep the idea going when he moved back to the East Coast. We had created music together in many different projects in Minnesota and wanted to keep working together, but the distance was going to be an issue. We knew we needed funding for the project and decided to raise it through Indiegogo. All of us involved in the Music for Canines project love animals and while I was at home, over Christmas break, I got to meet a couple of the rescues that my mother was rehabilitating at home. I fell in love immediately and when I heard about where they had come from and saw the pictures of what they looked like before they had been rescued, I knew I wanted to help. I brought up the idea with the rest of the group and the ball started rolling.

CM: Talk about the Wolfspirit’s Puppy Mill Rescue and how you guys will be helping them out.

Cierra: WolfSpirit’s Rescue is a non-profit organization that has dedicated themselves to rescuing and rehoming toy breed dogs from puppy mills, commercial kennels, and kill shelters. Since they are a non-profit group, they need donations to keep things going and to pay for all of the vet bills for each new dog. For this project I initially stated, “100% of any funds exceeding the goal of the fundraiser will go to WolfSpirit’s Rescue. On top of that 20% of the album or any merchandise that we sell will be donated to the rescue”.

This is the band playing “Ain’t No Sunshine”

CM: So, the funding from the drive will be for both the band expenses AND the dog rescue efforts?

Dylan: Unfortunately, the tour will not be able to happen because of lack of funding. On the positive side, the funding will help to package the product that will be supporting WolfSpirit’s Rescue. I believe half of the money made by CDs will be going towards WolfSpirit’s Rescue. People are not aware of places like this and hopefully the record will educate some people on these wonderful rescues.

Cierra: We want to make sure we are still able to donate, even if we are not able to complete the touring part of our project. By using CD sales to donate, it means that the donating will not be just a one time thing. It means that we will be able to keep donating, even past the initial fundraiser, since the albums will be continually sold.

CM: Have you guys written songs for this project?

Dylan: We do have songs written for this project, yes. What’s interesting is when we get together, we are going to throw the music on our music stands and say “Go!” We’ve only seen the sheet music in advance and never played it together. It’s going to be really cool and interesting.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I implore you to please consider making a donation for these great musicians! Music For Canines has very limited time to raise $2,490–They only have 7 days left! When you make a donation, please spread the word about this campaign on Facebook, twitter and any other social network you are using. Thanks!

CLICK HERE to make a donation to Music For Canines’ IndieGoGo fund.

WolfSpirit’s Toy Breed PuppyMill Rescue

Music For Canines


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