I originally published this interview with the great Bang On a Can and TwoSense cellist Ashley Bathgate a year ago today!  I re-edited it and decided to re-publish it! Enjoy!

The Glass

Photo courtesy of Stephen Taylor

“I picked the cello, ’cause I felt like it!”

This being my first-ever “in person” interview, I guess it would be kismet that it’s with Ashley Bathgate, a young cellist with an upbringing from a sweetheart of the rodeo, an education from both Yale (Yes, that Yale! She graduated, btw) and Bard College, a student of cello virtuoso Aldo Parisot, and having been ushered into the world of new music with Bang On a Can, where she gets to play with great musicians and legends like Terry Riley and most recently Philip Glass, Ashley has come upon some unprecedented artistic freedom that some classical players perhaps only dream about. I was invited to come speak with her at her New York apartment, and the conversation with her was more rewarding than I ever expected, but this being a live interview, sadly, I couldn’t…

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