TwoSense ~ Interview/Preview of Their Bargemusic Gig

TwoSense are (L to R) Ashley Bathgate, cello, and Lisa Moore, piano (Photo courtesy of Stephen Taylor)

TwoSense, the great cello-piano duo made up of Bang On a Can All-Stars alumnus, pianist Lisa Moore and a current member of the All-Stars, cellist Ashley Bathgate, are performing this Wednesday, June 20th at 8 PM at Brooklyn’s Bargemusic. If there are those of you that couldn’t get enough of the BOAC Marathon, then this program promises to be a great feeder for fans of the musicians!
This show was originally postponed from last September, so those of you that ordered tickets will most likely have them honored. On this program, they’ll be joined by violinist Karen Bentley Pollick for the world premiere of Samuel Carl Adams‘ “Piano Trio”, and another violinist Courtney Orlando for the Martin Bresnick “Trio for piano, violin and cello”.

Lisa and Ashley stopped to chat a bit about the show.

CM: Can you guys talk about playing at Bargemusic? Having been there already as a spectator, it seems like an unlikely place for a concert, but it has a sort of romantic nuance.

LISA: Yes, the Barge is more than a musical venue, it’s an adventure. Crossing the gangplank to sit on a moored Barge, watching and listening to chamber music with the Manhattan skyline as backdrop–it’s worth the trip. The surrounding area under the Brooklyn bridge has now developed into a beautiful park, pier, with food, seats, views and fresh sea air. Performing on the Barge is also an adventure, depending on the tide or the water taxis swaying the boat while you’re playing. It’s not as tricky as you might imagine because while the boat moves so does the piano, and one’s bench and oneself! The acoustics are good with the wood paneled interior and because of the ‘marine’ atmosphere there is a fine intimacy with the audience.

CM: Can you talk about the premiere of Samuel Carl Adams’ Piano Trio?

LISA: TwoSense commissioned Sam to write this trio using our successful 2011 Kickstarter funding campaign (thanks again to all those who gave!). I had collaborated with violinist Karen Bentley Pollick in the Paul Dresher Double Duo and also in duo concerts in 2010. Karen had suggested Sam’s music in our duo repertoire planning, and we performed his duo Aves Nostradamus for violin and piano in a series of concerts in 2010 in SF and AL. Ashley and I invited Karen to join us in this commission. Twosense is at core a duo but we like to collaborate with other artists and widen the circle. Sam’s inventive timbral imagination as well as his strong harmonic sense, rooted in classical and jazz training inspired us to commission a piano trio. “The Piano Trio” has the timbral and harmonic inventiveness as well as wild rhythmic grooves that keep us on our toes throughout. We
are really excited to finally premiere it.

CM: You are also playing another trio, this one by Martin Bresnick. His “Prayers Remain Forever” is being played once again as well–Powerful piece from what I remember! (EDITOR’S NOTE: By the time this goes up, I had also seen them play it at the Bang On a Can Marathon)

LISA: Yes, we are delighted to perform Martin Bresnick’s “Prayers Remain Forever” again on Wednesday at the Barge following our BOAC Marathon performance, but we are also excited to present his classic Trio for piano, violin and cello, with violinist Courtney Orlando. What a moving piece, perhaps his best?

CM: I for one, am very pleased that I got to see you guys perform the Cream song “As You Said” (also arranged by Martin) at a performance last year! It was really exciting and beautiful to hear, not only because it was a rock song arranged as a chamber piece, but equally stunning was the gorgeous singing (and it was such a blend!)–What was that like to perform?

ASHLEY: “As You Said” is like the cherry on top! It’s so much fun to play and sing together. We had already done Martin’s arrangement of Nein Geliebter by Brahms on a previous program and this inspired him to arrange another tune for us to play. It’s a nice end to a program and it gives us the chance to go a little crazy. When Martin first played us the song I immediately got excited, went home and downloaded the entire Cream discography. Then I kept playing and singing along with the track for hours. I remember Lisa and I buried ourselves in her studio and learned the piece in a day together. I think doing these kinds of arrangements are not only fun but also essential to a player. We need the chance to go beyond the standard rep.. to push our own limits and to just plain rock out once in a while!

CM: Is there an album in the future for TwoSense?

ASHLEY: Most definitely! I mean, we certainly have the music for one or two at this point! Stay tuned…

TwoSense demo clip featuring performances from LPR 1/4/11

Click here to reserve tickets for the TwoSense gig at Bargemusic

Wed, June 20th, 8 PM
Fulton Ferry Landing
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Lisa Moore Piano: TwoSense
Official page for TwoSense


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