Tania Stavreva ~ Kickstarting Rhythmic Movement

Bulgarian-born pianist Tania Stavreva is recording a CD, and she needs your help!

Through Kickstarter, which is all the rage now for unsigned artists of any genre, Tania is planning a recording titled Rhythmic Movement, featuring the works of Alberto Ginastera, Mason Bates, and several others. You can click either here or on the link at the bottom of the page.

Tania explains. “For a long time, I didn’t want to release an album because I thought that the music business is at its worst at the moment, plus classical music has always been the musical genre that sells the worst compared to pop, rock, jazz, metal, etc, etc. My main focus was only on live music, which means that people could check out samples of my work for free on youtube, MySpace, Facebook, my web site, get inspired and come to my shows. However, in 2011, a group of friends convinced me that I should release an album, and though I might not sell a million records, people can take a little souvenir of my music to their homes after shows and share with friends. They convinced me because often after my performances people would come to me and ask ‘Where can I buy your album?’, ‘Is your music available on iTunes’ and etc. and then I would tell them that I will e-mail them free downloads. [laughs]
Regarding this album, in the past few years I noticed that I started focusing a lot on repertoire that features a lot of rhythmic and percussive elements within melodic expression. I was putting programs such as The Modern Piano Project (at Roulette, 2010), Global Rhythms (2011 Cape Cod, Great Music on Sundays at 5), Rhythmic Movement (Metropolitan Room, 2011), Modern Rhythms (Cornelia St. Cafe, 2011) and Rhythmic Movement Multimedia (Galapagos Art Space, 2012). I enjoy programing my shows in a different way, like a story that takes the listener through a journey without an intermission”.

What of the composers she has chosen for this recording?
“The composers are amazing! They are some of my biggest favorites that I have performed regularly through the years:
Alberto Ginastera ~ Argentina: of course, his 1st piano sonata is becoming one of my signature pieces)
Nikolai Kapustin ~ Russia: I have always been inspired by jazz and it is incredible how jazz classical music could sound through his writing!)
Pancho Vladigerov ~ one of Bulgaria’s greatest composers who uses traditional folk elements from my national home heritage into his music
Alexander Vladigerov ~ son of Pancho Vladigerov, his “Variations on a Bulgarian Folk Song Dilmano, Dilbero”, Op.2 is also one of my main signature pieces.

Alexander Vladigerov: Variations on a Bulgarian Folk Song “Dilmano, Dilbero”, Op.2 (Grammy Museum Theater, April 9th, 2011)

Mason Bates ~ USA: one of the youngest and the most innovative contemporary American composers. He uses influences of electronica, jazzy, bluesy and improvisational elements in his music. I am recording his ‘White Lies for Lomax’ for piano and electronics.

Mason Bates: White Lies for Lomax (Lily Pad, Cambridge, MA, May 27th, 2010)

“The piece with the drums is the biggest surprise and the culmination of the album because it puts 2 different worlds together into a one new world of music not possible for me to describe with words. The name of the drummer is TBA 🙂
I also will be including a work of mine titled “Rhythmic Movement”, which is the name of the album as well. It is in a Bulgarian 7/8 rhythmic style and it was the piece that opened Rhythmic Movement Multimedia”.

Tania Stavreva: Rhythmic Movement (World Premiere at Galapagos Art Space, New York, May 10th, 2012)

Tania will be working on this recording with veteran recording producer and engineer Ron Saint Germain. Tania explains how this came about.
“I met Ron Saint Germain in 2010. He heard my work online and he came to my show at Roulette. That’s when we first met. When I was ready to record the album, we decided to work together, and you can’t imagine what a blessing is to work with this man! I think that when it comes to working with people, chemistry is a very important element. His production is going to play a very important role for this project since having a debut album is a big and a serious step in my career”.

Could a recording of this magnitude affect the career of a budding classical soloist?
“All I can say is that this album is a great opportunity for me as a concert pianist but also an new opportunity for classical music as a genre to move forward. The music by the composers is modern and ground-breaking. It creates a dynamic and exhilarating journey that opens a door for classical music to larger audiences. That way, classical music can continue to be what it is but move forward instead of being stuck. I come from the past and go into the future. Every composer from the past influenced some new composers and it is best when old and new are connected instead of being separated. This is what I mean when I say that classical music needs to move forward. It is not about deleting the the amazing old school composers who made me who I am but about giving an opportunity to the past to influence the present and the future from there on”.

Click here to help out Tania’s Kickstarter campaign

Tania’s sonicbids page


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