East and West Coast Concerts This Friday (West 4th and Wild Rumpus)

Cellophilia in rehearsal

If you are on the East Coast:

There is a show being put on by the New York-founded collective West 4th on Friday, June 8th at 9 PM at the Tribeca branch of 92nd Street Y. Titled Cellophilia, it was crowd-funded on the online source Kickstarter, and has already been previewed here on The Glass. The concert is going to feature eight cellists, including Ashley Bathgate, Mariel Roberts (who’s also co-producing the event), Robert Karpay, and several more.

Composer and West 4th co-founder Molly Herron spoke to me about the event:

“We like to do themes for our concerts, give something to tie it together with something to sink your teeth into, and so the theme for this concert was just ‘works for cello ensemble’. We’ve got a couple of solos on there, but it’s mostly groups of cellos. We’ve got 2 octets, a septet, a quartet, two duets–We just wanted to get together big hunks of cellos, and create new music together…Three of us studied with Michael Gordon–we all really love his music and wanted to do ‘Light is Calling’, which is a specialty for Ashley Bathgate, so we’re lucky we got her on board.
My co-producer Matt Frey had an existing octet that had never been performed. One of the main motivations of this concert was that he really wanted to get it done, so he’s been reworking it a bit.
Mariel is a good friend of ours from way back, and Ashley is a friend of ours as well. Mariel came on-board to co-produce because our knowledge of the cello literature was insufficient to really do the best job for this concert. Then we asked Ashley, and we asked both of them for suggestions of other people–we found Robert Karpay, who’s a cellist, but now has become primarily a composer, so it was kind of a perfect opportunity to have a cellist-composer on the concert, so we’ve got Rob doing a piece called ‘Three Programmatic Duos’ that will also feature Brian Snow.”

Click here to buy tickets for Cellophilia

West 4th New Music Collective
Fri, Jun 8, 2012, 9 pm
92Y Tribeca
200 Hudson Street
Tribeca, NY 10013
(212) 601-1000



If you are on the West Coast:

The second-ever concert being put on by the collective known as Wild Rumpus is being held on the same night as Cellophilia across the nation over at ODC Dance Commons in San Francisco, CA. This show will feature the works of Dan VanHassel, Florent Ghys, Yao Chen, Nomi Epstein and Jenny Olivia Johnson.

Composer and co-founder of Wild Rumpus Jen Wang talked about the group:

“It’s a focus on emerging composers. Beginning with next season, all of our composers are chosen through open calls for scores, open calls for pieces to perform–It’s a loose guideline, but we’re most interested in working with composers who are either under age 40, or are not regularly commissioned by ensembles of national or international prominence. The idea of an emerging composer can mean a number of different things, it can mean age or it can mean a point in your career or experience level, but that’s the demographic we’re most interested in working with.
The hope is we give composers room to play with things and room to try new things. I think that you can support an emerging composer, like someone who is an developing artist, not just by playing a piece, but by saying ‘You’re not restricted to the things that are portable, you’re not restricted to the things that are safe–go try something new’.”

Click here to buy tickets for Wild Rumpus Spring Concert
Wild Rumpus
Wild Rumpus’ Spring Concert
Fri, June 8th, 8 PM
ODC Theater
3153 17th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 863-6606


Wild Rumpus (wildrumpusmusic.org)

West 4th New Music Collective (w4newmusic.com)


3 thoughts on “East and West Coast Concerts This Friday (West 4th and Wild Rumpus)

  1. Do I ever wish I could be in NYC Friday night! A Kirkland Snider piece, Ashley Bathgate performing, and I’m quite interested in Karpay, too. Met him by chance at a concert and, as a result, sampled some of his work that’s available online. I so taken with his Cello Concerto I have included it in my “More Fine Listening List.” A lot of talent in one place, one night, no question. Anyone who can get there is a lucky soul.

  2. haha, I am, except I need a car for getting back and forth from the train, and it’s incapacitated. Is there any chance you could come? You can have my comp ticket if so. Let me know!

    • Transportation problems are such a nuisance. So nice of you to offer & wish I could get down there, but tonight is a no go for me, as well. I am really sorry to miss this one!

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