Massachusetts Walking Tour 2012~ A Preview

Massachusetts-based folk artists Mark Mandeville and Raianne Richards (along with Dan Blakeslee and other guest artists) are about to embark on yet another Walking Tour this year. If you recall, I spoke to these guys previously about the tour when I previewed their CD Old Constitution, and they had pretty much the same passion and objective then as they do now. I was just trying at that time to figure out why it would be so easy for them to walk as opposed to driving, but Raianne seems to have nailed it for me.

“The emphasis of walking draws attention to slowing down to take in each moment or surrounding. This premise, I think, also encourages people to look a little deeper into our music as well. We do the Walking Tour for the small towns who don’t get music very often to remind them why they enjoy it and to take the pressure off the few people who strive to bring art into the community. We get them involved too, but we don’t ask them to do much. Just attend a free concert in their town…Every show we ever played has something rewarding about it. We look at the Walking Tour as more of a way to give back to our community as we spend as much time as we can touring to other places in the country.”~Raianne Richards, July 2011

The tour actually kicks off in Woodstock, CT on June 13th, but the rest of the dates are all in Massachusetts up until June 24th in Douglas.

Please watch this 2-part film–They have much more to say, and it needs to be heard.

2012 Walking Tour intinerary


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