Nat Evans: Blue Hour (At Brooklyn Bridge Park)

Seattle composer Nat Evans will be in New York on April 26th presenting his new time-specific music event Blue Hour at Brooklyn Bridge Park. To participate, first go to his website and download the music for Blue Hour (or download from the stream below). Then, on the 26th Arrive at the corner of Old Fulton and Water St (across the street from Pete’s downtown restaurant) by 7:40 pm. Participants will then walk into the park together, and just after sunset the cue will be given to press play and participants will sit back and observe while listening. The music for Blue Hour is written to best complement the changing of light at this pivotal moment in the day – sunset to twilight.

This is the third such time-specific listening event that Evans has created, and he’ll be presenting these earlier works for sunrise and sunset in the days leading up to the Blue Hour event. On the 24th, the sunset event will kick off a concert of new music from both coasts at Vaudeville Park, and on the 25th his sunrise event will start at 5:45 am at Fort Greene Park. The music to download in order to participate is also available on his website.

Official website


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