Natalie Spehar

DC-area cellist Natalie Spehar is already familiar to you all because she’d appeared previously on here with cello-metal band Primitivity. We will get into that and her other projects. In the meantime, Natalie sat down with us via Skype and explained her background, and how she is so well-versed with multi-genres. Continue reading



Pomplamoose, the duo from California that became an online sensation, thanks to their creatively effective videos on their YouTube channel (and for me the Hyundai Christmas ads that got me through an otherwise miserable holiday season comprised of annoying Christmas ads), have agreed to do a Glass interview, and somehow I really wish I were doing video interviews so that I could match what Pomplamoose does. I’ll have to invite them to do the podcast!

Jack Conte of the duo spoke to me via Skype about Pomplamoose’s efforts (Sadly, the duo’s other half, Nataly Dawn, wasn’t available to do the Skype chat, and she was greatly missed. Maybe next time we’ll get both, but for now, I’m happy that Jack represented them). Continue reading

Sabrina Lastman Quartet

Composer/vocalist Sabrina Lastman, whose duo SoCorpo is also a great fixture of the performing arts, is involved in another wonderful project. The Sabrina Lastman Quartet (and they also perform as the Sabrina Lastman Trio sans the drummer) are offering up the tantalizing combination of jazz and world music. Their CD The Candombe Jazz Sessions has been issued this month and was accompanied by a CD release show at Joe’s Pub in NY. They will be also appearing on March 10th at Pregones Theater in the Bronx. Sabrina had a few minutes to spare for a small chat. Continue reading

R. Andrew Lee

Denver-based pianist R. Andrew Lee is on the rise with a healthy advocacy for the minimalism and post-minimalism repertoires. With quite a few great recordings already released from Irritable Hedgehog (Among them his perfectly-timed recording of Tom Johnson’s An Hour for Piano), he is still at work on even more releases, and plays extensively around the world. You can even check out his YouTube channel to see him perform some of these pieces, along with his submission for David Lang’s Piano Competition (Sadly, he lost out to Peter Poston, but congrats to Mr. Poston, and to Andy as well for his efforts). I spoke with Dr. Lee recently (He also teaches at Regis University) via Skype. Continue reading