Minor Setback

Folks, just wanted to inform you that my laptop died on Christmas Eve. 😦 It was a Dell and it was a hand-me-down, so, perhaps it was time anyway, but not sure if this is a permanently-dead computer yet. The thing had been alerting me for a while that it had a corrupt disc, so after a whole bunch of disk checks, security checks, cleanups and deletions the thing was still acting up. It ceased to function in a proper manner in the early morning hours of Christmas Day, so, I just wanted to inform you guys, the readers, that the content will probably not be everyday, but it wasn’t everyday anyway. I still hope to continue to publish some new material on here on the site, so, please just know I am not going anywhere. But in any event, I hope everybody has a wonderful holiday and I will be on again soon. Happy New Year to you all!


3 thoughts on “Minor Setback

  1. Sorry Chris. I sympathise. Lost mine a few months ago. Borrowing one for now, but no writing music as it stands. I suggest long stints hanging out in a library. (no coffee though)

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