A Very Hilary Birthday

Image courtesy of NPR

Since I am a dedicated fan to the New York, by way of Baltimore, by way of Lexington, VA-based violinist and have been a pretty good one for almost a decade now, at the risk of being extremely fanboy-ish, I thought it was time to post a special birthday Glass for Hilary Hahn (Wow, 32 already!), and include one of her greatest performances captured on film in its entirety, the Glazunov Violin Concerto.

I usually post endless videos to Facebook and Twitter, of course this year now there’s Google+ as well, so, there’ll probably be quite a few of those again, but I thought it was okay since this is my forum to simply make the great birthday wish greeting here and post a ginormous video at the same time.

BTW, has anyone ever noticed that Hilary shares a birthday with Jimi Hendrix? Could there be something to that? Two virtuosos born on the same date?

Happy Birthday, HH! Have many more!

(While we’re at it, Happy Birthday to Jimi Hendrix, too!)


One thought on “A Very Hilary Birthday

  1. Thanks much for posting HH’s Glazounov performance. I would like to find reviews of this particular performance–I had little familiarity with this concerto before and have now listened to this performance 6 or 7 times (alas, just this week!). I am not a violinist (or even a musician–only a visual artist) but I found this performance extraordinarily rich and beautiful. For those who feel her playing lacks expression or is even “robotic” I think they should take this performance in. It is as “felt,” as at one with this music as it could be. Does anyone know if she plans to release this concerto on CD? Please take my order!

    Happy Birthday Hilary! (-:)

    jfs in denver

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