Gala review (a conversation piece) (via If it ain’t Baroque…)

Jenn German was at the Opening Gala concert for the Baltimore Symphony last Saturday, and wrote this great report with a friend of hers that almost reads like if ESPN SportsCenter covered classical music concerts.
Hilary Hahn was there to perform the Mendelssohn concerto, but she was almost clocked in the face by composer David Little at the end during the bows (He was premiering a new piece at the show).

Last Saturday my dear friend Rebekah and I hiked over to the Meyerhoff to take in the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s season-opening gala. I could just straight tell you what I thought, but I figured why not switch it up a bit? So here’s Rebekah and I indulging in a little post-concert discussion. Rebekah is a cello teacher and Peabody musicology grad student, so she’s more than qualified to weigh in. Two opinions for the price of one — how can y … Read More

via If it ain’t Baroque…


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