Musicians: Caroline Adomeit

German-English violinist Caroline Adomeit (aka Caroline Adomeit-Gadd) is a soloist you may not be aware of if you haven’t been looking at the international concert scene, but she has been making regional waves, and has quite a few awards and some remarkable performances to show for it. Many clips of her performances of Bach, Ravel, Korngold, Mendelssohn, Vivaldi and Piazzolla, among others, can be found on her YouTube channel, and she has a CD titled Bach to Tango, which is available as a download-only on Amazon. As for her violin, she plays an Italian-model Fantin inspired by the Paganini Cannon, and, perhaps inspired by Hilary Hahn’s @violincase feed, has a Twitter account with the name @violinbow, except Caroline has not adopted the role-playing persona of her bow, she is only so in name.

CM: Caroline, you started studying both violin and piano at age six. Did you give up the piano due to preference for the other?

CA: Ultimately I had to choose between violin and piano, and I favored the violin.
I loved to play the piano but decided to become a violinist as I love the sound of the violin so much!

CM: What was it about the violin and about classical music that got to you at that time?

CA: Since I was a very small child I loved the beautiful sound of the violin. In my opinion, one can produce a uniquely personal sound on the violin that can be compared to the human voice. I also used to go to concerts and operas and operettas as my mother worked in a theatre, so I grew up with classical music; it was always around me.

Vivaldi: The Four Seasons (La Primavera: I: Allegro; w/Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra Mainz, Germany)

CM: In one particular interview Hilary Hahn said that she never liked the feeling of being competitive at violin contests but she admired, and liked learning from the other musicians. You’ve participated in, and won several competitions like the Mozart Society Competition and the International Yfrah Neaman. What was your take on competing?

CA: Well, I actually don’t like competitions. I think that in art and music it is not possible to have a “winner” because unlike sport music is not just a question of “first past the post”.
Imagine deciding whether Heifetz or Oistrakh should be number one in a competition? Both are brilliant, but very different, it would be impossible to make a just decision. It would be against the artists and their music.
However, we live in a very competitive world, it’s almost impossible not to be influenced by that.
The good thing about competitions as a young player is, that you have a particular programme to prepare, gain experience and get to know other people who are also passionate about music.

CM: Among your repertoire pieces, I notice you have many classics and even a few rarities. How often do you play the D Minor Mendelssohn Concerto?

CA: I have played it quite a few times, as I did a series of concerts with a chamber orchestra, and it was part of the programme with the Four Seasons by Vivaldi and some Encore pieces.
I remember performing it together with Vivaldi’s Four Seasons a couple of years ago, both works were new to me, so I had a double premiere which was exciting 😉
It’s a great piece to play with string chamber orchestra and I had the opportunity to play and direct the orchestra myself!

Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto in D Minor (III: Allegro; w/Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra Mainz, Germany)

CM: Are there any plans for you to tour in the US?

CA: Well, I would love to play concerts in the US of course. But nobody has asked me to do so yet… 😉

EDITOR’S NOTE: Promoters, get ready to take some calls!

Caroline official website

Amazon page for downloading Caroline’s CD Bach to Tango

Caroline’s YouTube page


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