A Brief Rant About Underappreciated Sound

I really had nothing to post this week, but I figured I would talk about how much I love listening to music with a headset (Not those godawful white plugs that make me want to tear my head off because they are killing the inside of my ears–Pretty much why I never use my iPod–but real headphones that are both comfortable and sound awesome).

It might not mean a lot to people that are either keeping music on as background music for their incessant talking or those that sing along with their pop star favorites so frequently they probably have no idea their favorites probably can’t sing (Hence why records and CDs are practically scarce now and our selection is compromised by what the industry does in tandem with the record-buying public), but sometimes I feel as if I am the only one left on the planet that appreciates what music is and what it sounds like. People today have no idea what they are missing out on.

Richard Strauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra (excerpt; Chicago Symphony Orchestra; Fritz Reiner, conductor; RCA Victor Living Stereo, 1954)
Believed to be first-ever Stereophonic record

Mono and stereo mean nothing to casual listeners, but most people that know what that is are fans of it and understand why hearing certain music in both ways is such a wonderful dynamic. As it is, I’m almost certain most of the younger generation know very little about what records are. Hopefully some of them have seen CDs, unless they’re being used as coasters.
Just to physically HOLD records or CDs is something you can’t do with downloads. The smell of records when you first buy them is something a lot of people remember. The cover art; THAT’S a huge loss as well to this generation.

Even when CDs first came to the market, the record buffs were aghast that such a format could ever overtake vinyl. I never really got to hear what the difference was because I never even owned a state-of-the-art turntable, but I have been told by some impeccable listeners that vinyl still sounds better. Even with surface hiss and scratches?
But it seems that convenience wins out in the end, and CDs were probably convenient for their size and their accessibility for programming in any order (random, repeating, repeating randomly, etc.), and then mp3’s were convenient over CDs for a variety of reasons. What will it be next, I wonder? Brain-downloading? That would render the internet obsolete.

Desmond Dekker and The Aces: Wise Man (Pyramid 45 PYR 6003, 1967)

As God is my witness, I will go to my grave with my discontinued Sony Walkman and Sony headset in my cold dead hands if I can’t listen to precious timeless recordings in my lifetime (BTW, just so you know, I’m not really thinking of doing anything rash. But I probably should have it written into in my will that I’d like to be buried with my Walkman).


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