Just Thoughts

In order to stay in the game, I am typing a random piece right now so that I don’t fall out of focus with my own blog. This is very streamy right now, so anything is libel to come out.

This is kind of like the first posting I did. I just said what was on my mind about how I felt about the music industry and the role of the media, or it was some kind of rant about MTV or something.

It does get to the point that when everything you want to say has been said so much more eloquently, you want to either pack up shop, or try dialing your game up several decibels. I love what I read from my fellow online writers and music lovers, so, my work is cut out for me.

I have thought about doing an online music-lovers’ scenario game based on the TV show “What Would You Do?”, like if you put a really gifted classical or jazz musician in the middle of a grocery store in the heart of soccer-mom Connecticut. Actually, it’s more “What Would They Do?”, and we’d change it up every time and try to use different people from different genres. I’d love to pitch that concept to ABC.

All this talk about supermarkets and culture, I know that I’d like a bowl of Raisin Brahms right about now!


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